Tau Lyrae

“May we never find space so vast,
planets so cold, heart and mind so empty
that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.”


Our sim is set in 2408 and follows the adventures of the crew of the mysterious Tau Lyrae Station, a bright and shining beacon from the future, named for the enigmatic Tau Lyrae system where it sits at a strategic juncture on the edge of the Betreka Nebula between the Cardassian Union and the Klingon Empire.

In 2407, the Federation and the Klingon Empire signed an armistice following more than a decade of hostilities that began in 2394. Now returned to their de facto state of a cold war relationship, it remains to be seen whether peace can finally be achieved between the two galactic powers, or whether the cold war will once again burn hot.

Suffering from high war exhaustion, the Federation is focused on recuperating its losses from the war and acquiring allies wherever it may find them. While the Klingons lick their wounds and attempt to stave off an inevitable civil war, the Federation has taken advantage of the situation by supporting factions within the Empire that seek an end to the war.

Yet the greatest dangers the station and her crew face come not from their former enemies on either side of them, but from the dangerously unstable system itself.

Tau Lyrae Station was sent back in time to stabilize that system, which had suddenly begun tearing itself apart, the epicenter of multiple inexplicable spatial anomalies and temporal disruptions that the station would one day be uniquely constructed to suppress. The station, now jointly administered by Starfleet and a new race of fully sentient holograms led by the mysterious Angel Swan, has become a support base for exploration vessels heading through the newly formed wormhole, into a vast and uncharted area of space.

If Tau Lyrae itself is any indication of what lies ahead for the Federation’s future, untold mysteries and adventures await


Colonel Alete Strom
Station Commander

Alete Strom is the only Bre'Ellan currently serving anywhere in the Federation. She is a Colonel, currently serving aboard the mysterious Tau Lyrae Station where she and the rest of her people continue to keep the entire sector around the Betreka Nebula and the newly formed wormhole from falling into the wrong hands.

Played by Ensign Joshua Garrity

Commander Dutch Mogun
Executive Officer

The integrity and personal courage to do whats right, that is what Dutch believes in. A bit stuffy and hard nosed, but learning to loosen up a bit with the help up of an unlikely love interest. Truth is the guiding principle of Starfleet, and if you want to serve on Tau Lyrae, he'll make sure you understand that.

Played by Jason

Lieutenant John "Maverick" Mitchell
Squadron Commander

Brave, courageous and one of the best pilots in the fleet. But he's also been in trouble more times than he can count, demoted and even court martialed. Now he's found a steady girl and a place he calls home where he's been given a whole new chance to make good. As Commander of the 1st Dasher Squadron "Angel's Wings" of experimental Star Fighters from the future, he knows it'll take more than just fancy flying and a cocky attitude to stay on top.

Played by Jason

Open Positions

  1. Recruiting For All Departments and All Character Types