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The sim is focused on the USS Galahad NCC-78021 and her crew, set in 2407. The Federation’s last great war was with the Dominion in 2375. Since then, the only major crisis it has faced has been collapse of the Romulan Star Empire following the destruction of the Hobus star.

Thirty years of relative peace with its neighbours has allowed Starfleet to once again focus on exploration. Among the many areas being explored are territories formerly held by the Romulans that have now been opened to the Federation for the first time. Many Romulan factions vie for control of former colonies and star systems, neccessitating Starfleet to be cautious when considering exploration efforts in the area.

The USS Galahad NCC-78021, an Akira-class vessel constructed in 2374 during the Dominion War, has been assigned to the former Romulan territories to assist with exploration, patrol and relief efforts. As a multi-role starship and light carrier, the Galahad is versatile enough to conduct a variety of missions yet combat ready should they find themselves confronted by Romulan forces.


Captain Odren Xall
Commanding Officer

Played by Bren

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Lieutenant Commander Tabitha Vale

2393 - Applied and accepted to Starfleet Academy

2397 - Graduates Starfleet Academy. Ensign. Assigned as
Junior Counselors Aid to the Federation Embassy in Ashalla, Bajor.

2399 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG and assigned as Counselor to Starbase 36.

2402 - Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Starbase 129.

2404 - Transferred to USS Chimera as Mission Specialist.

2405 - Transferred to USS Galahad as Counselor

Played by Meike

Lieutenant Junior Grade Holly Meadows
Medical Officer

Jan 2399 .....SF Academy Medical Course. Cadet

August 2405 ..... Graduates MO jg

Oct 2405 ...... Copernicus City Lunar Hospital 18 mths

March 2407...... Applies for a Starship posting. Ensign

June 2407...... USS Galahad

Played by Meike

Lieutenant John Mitchell
Commander, Air Group

Air Group Commander (CAG)

Played by Jason