USS Unification

Once dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was an area where freedom was unheard of. It has now been a little over ten years since the end of the Dominion War which resulted in the loss of millions of lives and served to brake the Dominion’s tight hold on the area.

The Bajoran Wormhole now serves as an open door to a drastically changing and shifting Gamma Quadrant. The cleanup after the war has been long and costly, but finally colonization has begun to the various worlds within the quadrant. Merchant trade between worlds is on the rise, with traffic between the quadrants at an exponential rise each year. Thousands have come from across the galaxy, with hopes of a new life and brighter future blazing in their eyes. For some their dreams have been realized, as hard work and foresight often pay off in the long run.

For others, however, the Gamma Quadrant is far from safe. Those whose dreams do not come to fruition, turn to the only way to ensure survival – piracy. Not only are trade partners and civilians taking advantage of the quadrant’s wealth but so are the pirates, criminals and organized crime syndicates. However the Federation’s presence is there too with Starfleet protecting it’s citizenry, it’s trade routes, providing support for the colonies and starbases that fly the Federation flag, and all the while discovering new and uncharted space.

Can the brave souls of the USS Unification weather the storm?


Captain Jacob Lambert
Commanding Officer

Played by aio

Commander Kestra Amanin
Executive Officer

Played by Alexander

Lieutenant Commander Jenni Matthews
Chief Engineering Officer

Jenni Matthews is currently serving as the Chief Engineer of the USS Unification, attached to Task Force 9.

Played by greenfelt22