USS Excalibur

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August 2019
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The current sim year is 2391.

In a world where one species has been rocked to their very core, another has lost everything they ever held dear to them, and both are bent on showing that they can recover in vastly different ways. All it takes is one shot to the bow and hell might break loose. Add into that one race that may choose to take advantage of all the chaos and it looks like a recipe for disaster.

Task Force 99 provides writers with an inventive spirit and the opportunity to explore, re-live, and create their own niche in the Star Trek universe. By focusing on extraordinary in both Trek and other genres, the games of 99 are unique and exciting. The universe’s infinite possibilities provide viewers with an opportunity to dream. Task Force 99 brings together stories from all genres to explore new possibilities and gather the hidden treasure.

The USS Excalibur, an Ascension-class starship is currently assigned to Bravo Fleet serves as a carrier with weapons systems dwarfing even the strongest foes while being able to carry the same amount of fighters as the Concorde-class. Currently, the ship is assigned to Task Force 99. The Ascension-class starship is one of the most advanced and most powerful vessels ever built by Starfleet. Rated for combat, exploration, scientific, diplomatic, and logistics missions, the 1,600 member crew is dedicated to serving at the forefront of Starfleet and the Federation.

As part of Task Force 99, we are under no Task Force canon storyline, our missions are our storyline, our canon. Task Force 99 provides writers with an inventive spirit and the opportunity to explore, re-live, and create their own niche in the Star Trek universe. By focusing on extraordinary in both Trek and other genres, the games of 99 are unique and exciting. We still do follow main canon requirements from a range of sources, up to an including the most recent movies, but we do not have a set linear timeline of a canon plot to follow. We focus on our writing and doing so as a team. That is our focus. We may not post 100+ posts a month, but we write our posts with care and quality in mind.

We welcome all visitors to our website, our little piece of the galaxy. Please enjoy our website, have a look around and if you are interested in becoming part of the USS Excalibur crew, please join us by applying through our application form and feel free to join our Discord server if you have any questions and to meet our crew once your application is accepted. We also have some frequently asked questions that will help you in your journey with us here on the USS Excalibur. I look forward to seeing you soon as a crewmember on our simulation!


Captain Anthony Richardson
Commanding Officer

Rugged good looks don’t go anywhere close to describing Anthony. His grey hair is a good look for a man of his age, his desire to not really bother with what it looks like gives it a very ruffled look. A piercing stare will send anyone to the likes of Siberia when he doesn’t appreciate their “stupidity” as Anthony puts it. Being your average height and weight, everything just seems to be because it was like that when it comes to Anthony; there really is not a whole lot that is special about him when it comes to looks. Anthony is always clean-shaven and whatever he wears is always neatly clean and pressed to give others the sense that he looks after himself and takes pride in himself.

Played by The Captain

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Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein
Executive Officer

Unfailingly polite, reserved, and of a cool disposition, Lapzik Ghein has made his career as a savvy bureaucrat with extensive time spent in Starfleet Intelligence. He is qualified for starship command by credential, though in practice has only acted as a senior field team coordinator for intelligence operations. While he has been successful at leading a moderately sized and multifaceted team of operators across three sectors, a dedicated duty station the likes of a starship will be a new test of his abilities as a command officer.

Played by Stacks

Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassandra Rae
Chief Medical Officer

Cassandra was a born and bred freighter rat. Unity logistics is still a family run business, headed by her eldest brother. She had a normal childhood picking up family bad habits and tightly bonded to her twin Declan, the freighter Luna Light was her home and playground. She was very much insulated from what was going on in the universe around her until her 12th year, her family freighter was forced out of warp and boarded. Declan and Cassandra hid in one of the handy smuggling compartments her family’s freighters seem to have but were discovered, they fled into the main cargo bay, a grenade followed them in. Cassandra was caught under a pallet, crushing her pelvis. She lay in puddle of her brother’s blood clinging to his lifeless hand, finally rescued and transferred to the USS Grisson

Played by Suzroe

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artorius S'harien
Chief Flight Control Officer

Artorius was born on Virinat, a colony world, to Romulan seperatists. His father and mother working covertly in D'tan's new reunification movement, which turned out to become a rebellion against the Tal Shiar. The ideals of independence, free thought, and democracy instilled in Artorius at an early age. After Shinzon's rebellion decimated the Romulan senate, young Artorius was inspired to study and practice law. His elder brother and sister practicing medicine and going on to become doctor

Played by Michael

Open Positions

  1. Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Chief Intelligence Officer
  5. Starfighter Wing Commander
  6. All Assistant Department Head Positions
  7. All Enlisted & Civilian Positions


All In A Day's Work
started January 9, 2019 and ended September 20, 2019

Sim Year: 2389 After almost destroying the Free Romulan Movement warbird, the USS Excalibur heads back to Providence Fleet Yards for a major overhaul of its crew, nobody is safe. Nobody is assured of their position onboard the ship, all bare Captain Richardson. Unsure what is going on, the order came through from Commodore Jackson, seemingly very quick. He wanted a full new complement of crew on the USS Excalibur. The orders seemed legitimate...

Do You Remember?
started September 20, 2019

Sim Year: 2391 Having just finished the last six months on patrol assignments, the USS Excalibur is finally assigned a mission, something that may seem to be of importance to the Federation. The ship is docked at Xavier Fleet Yards for a routine inspection and given their orders. It seems that the Ventax II government is ready for talks with the Federation about being admitted to the Federation. The investigations into their society recently were wrapped up...