USS H.G. Wells

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In the 29th Century, a group calling themselves the Circle of Eternity was created. Their goal was to manipulate the time stream for their own uses, to gain power, wealth, control…anything they wanted, through any means necessary. To that end, they took possession of ships with Temporal Displacement Drives, and began their own quests.

The Circle was very careful, but made a single mistake, and an aberration in the time stream was detected. A Time Ship was dispatched to correct it, but as they were about to engage their Time Drive, the Circle attacked them. The ship was forced into the time stream, and came out in the year 2389.

Agent Erica Jane “EJ” Matthews of the Department of Temporal Investigations was sent to investigate the unusual chroniton reading, and found the ship. One crewman had survived and warned her about the Circle before they died. The DTI took possession of the Time Ship, and Erica requested permission to investigate the Circle. Her request was denied.
However, when she was told there was no record of her assignment to investigate the chroniton reading, she realised that time was already changing. She was only protected because at the time of the change, she was in the Time Ship, which was protected by Temporal Shields.

Approaching Vice Admiral Zachary O’Connell of Starfleet, Commander of Task Force 72, she explained the situation. Although sceptical at first, he believed what Erica was saying after she showed him the evidence of the Time Ship, which broke all DTI rules. To this end, Erica was able to get her hands on the Temporal Displacement Drive and a Temporal Map from the Time Ship, which had an interactive, sentient program as a measure of protection, and it was installed aboard the newest Diligent Class ship in Starfleet, which was placed under Vice Admiral O’Connell’s command. In order to allow Erica to complete the mission, she was given a commission in Starfleet of the rank of Commander, under O’Connell’s command.


Commander EJ Matthews
Commanding Officer

Erica Jane Matthews, known as EJ to her friends, is a recently promoted lead agent, and is very dedicated to her duty of helping to preserve the timeline. She was given the task of investigating an unknown chronometric distortion, which led her to discover a crashed Timeship from the future. There was a single survivor, although they died shortly after being found. Their last words were warning Erica about a group known as the Circle of Eternity who are trying to change history.

Knowing her duty, she set about to ensure the timeline was returned to normal, even going against orders to do so.

Played by Jacob Hartley