USS Venture

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“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Exploration and adventure, discovery and risk, the pursuit of knowledge and peaceful coexistence with all species, the guiding tenants of Starfleet’s ships and crew’s for over two centuries; the very base ideals of the Federation itself. Ideals nearly lost in the wake of the Dominion War…

A familiar presence throughout the core worlds of the Federation the USS Venture (NCC-71854), one of Starfleet’s most well-known vessels, has set out in an attempt to hold onto those beliefs. Entering the newly formed Raeyan Transit Corridor, Venture and her crew have already made their mark on this volatile region of space. From the hub world of Ruhoka, to the pleasure planet Iccobar and even the mysterious Kodama Nebula, Venture has followed the example of the great crews that have come before her, forging her way forward, into the ‘Undiscovered Country’.

The USS Venture is a Play by Nova simm set in the year 2389. Events taking place follow Star Trek Nemesis and a slightly divergent Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93 canon. Anyone wishing to join, should visit the website or contact the Command Team for further information.


Captain Makayla Perin
Commanding Officer

A young officer with a lot to prove, Makayla has recently been given command of the USS Venture. A career Starfleet Officer, Kayla began her service as an enlisted Engineer just before the breakout of the Dominion War. Despite seeing the horrors of the galaxy up close and personal at such a young age, Kayla committed herself to the Fleet not long after it ended. Since graduating from the Academy she's had a varied career not spending too long in any once place as she tried to experience as much of the fleet as she could get her hands on. However that all changed after joining the 4th fleet. Now her life has been turned around ever which way and she must adjust to all the new changes coming personally and professionally...all while trying to keep the RTC from tearing itself apart.

Played by Kaichi

Lieutenant Commander Sinara
Executive Officer and Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Despite how she came upon the Federation Sinara had very few obstacles in her path in adapting to the life she had discovered. With no memory of whom she was or even of her age she relied heavily on muscle memory which became apparent during her early days within Starfleet Academy, excelling at anything physical and tactical as well as general problem solving. She posses a critical mind...sometimes overly critical yet serves her well in the realm of Security. She is extremely dedicated when on duty and to the point, not one to hold punches when she has an opinion. Off duty she is however a lighter soul, caring and in some circumstances instinctively a mother hen...also somewhat "Kooky" with a wide variety of odd mannerisms and often seemingly easily excitable.

Played by Sirius39

Lieutenant Commander Linshara Thannis
Chief Intelligence Officer

Linshara is not as open or approachable as most Betazoids. Due to the nature of her work, she tends to be focused, controlled and very calculated, having to watch her words, her tone, her mannerisms, she often finds it difficult to relax and just be a Betazoid woman in her prime. While she is good company once one gets past the exterior, Linshara is not one for pointless, silly small talk. preferring instead deeper, meaningful conversations and directness, openness. She also prefers the same in people, not being overly fond of people who talk too much or with little meaning.
A good, pragmatic leader, Linshara stands behind her team and is not afraid to bear the burden of responsibility.

Played by Kos

Lieutenant Grigor Eisenberg-Sloane
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Played by Stephen

Lieutenant Commander Neydani Velia
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Like all Bajoran’s Velia is a very passionate, outspoken, hardheaded and has an intensity about her that comes from her time in the resistance. A person with an opinion on everything from the best hoverball team to Federation Policy she has never really been afraid to voice them. Her instincts are to root for the underdog and she won’t hesitate to go for the long shot. Velia enjoys the sciences, especially the opportunity to test theory with a good experiment and to apply the results to practical use. She is comfortable around Starfleet Officers and will generally portray a more sarcastic and playful attitude aboard ship.

Played by Kaichi

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Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo
Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Played by larry

Lieutenant Commander Yidam Sulani
Assistant Chief Counselor

As the daughter of a religious family on Bajor, Yidam Sulani had been taught to seek balance in life and an inner peace in the teachings of the Prophets. Having served at Starfleet Medical, on space stations and starships, she has developed a flexibility in her approaches to patients. The most distinctive aspect of her practice is the use of companion animals (real and holographic) with patients. Her current assistant is "Bix", an Earth canine. She is also specially certified to practice Tribble Therapy and has two tribbles aboard Venture. As Venture's Head Counselor, Lani is approachable and open, a great listener and a sympathetic soul. She is not a pushover and will demand that her patients, co-workers and those with whom she is working apply themselves to the task at hand.

Played by CassandraM

Open Positions

  1. Chief Engineering Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer


S5E1: Things That Never Were
started July 11, 2018

Freshly refitted and recrewed Venture has been reassigned to the Alpha Quadrant far from the Raeyan Transit Corridor and its intrigue. The Venture is being reassigned to the Cardassian Border region, the once the lawless frontier of the Alpha Quadrant, has since the Dominion War has become one of the most prosperous centers of trade and diplomacy in the Federation. Diplomacy, intrigue and the good old fashioned - 'will they stab us in the back again? all become daily questions!