USS Steadfast

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“I’m a storyteller; that’s what exploration really is all about. Going to places where others haven’t been and returning to tell a story they haven’t heard before.”
~ James Cameron

Welcome to the Delta Quadrant. We’re not entirely stuck here but we’re pretty much stuck here. Luckily we’re not alone. Together with Task Force 38, we’re bringing the Federation to a whole new part of the galaxy.  Our patrol route keeps us within reach of our new friends, the Theori, a species applying for a Federation Protectorate. They’re offering technology that could be a game changer for us, and our protection, a game changer for them.

This is the Steadfast, a new Sovereign-class starship braving this undiscovered section of the quadrant. Under the guidance of its captain, Lucien St. Cyr, we are to facilitate the Theori’s efforts, protect Federation interests, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

We can’t promise a safe voyage, but we can offer hoverball, parrise square, and spring ball courts, and then there’s the to die for cheese cake of our secret weapon, Chef Harrington.

Some positions are still open and badly needed. the USS Steadfast — come for the adventure, stay for the cheesecake.


Lieutenant Commander Lucien St. Cyr
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander Lucien St. Cyr commands the USS Steadfast, a combat-oriented Sovereign class vessel that can handle exploratory and diplomatic missions as well. As the ship readies for launch at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Cmdr. St. Cyr is given his orders - arrive in the Fourth of July Nebula in time to meet the next transport window to the Delta Quadrant and from there, assume a patrol route that includes Theoron IV, site of a highly classified (and much needed) gateway development project that could be a game changer for Federation interests in the Delta Quadrant.

Played by Star_Geek

Lieutenant Sarah McBride
First Officer

Extremely Smart, Quick Witted, Dry Sense of Humor, Graceful Gait, She tends to keep to herself has very few close friends. But if you get to be called a close friend to Sarah you have a true friend for life. Alway wanting to explore and learn new things. Known to be tough when needed (due to the fact of 2 older brothers) Soft spoken but has quite the fiery attitude if provoked.

Played by Shawn

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lisa Creed
Chief of Security

Lisa has blonde hair that is shoulder length and is Five feet five inches tall with Green eyes and a medium build, she has a sparkling personality and is fun to be around and is very flirtatious with another women.

Played by Archerone

Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Resh
Chief Flight Control Officer

Played by Elijah_Blu

Open Positions

  1. Second Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Intelligence Officer
  4. Chief Counselor
  5. Chief Operations Officer
  6. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  7. Chief Diplomatic Officer