USS Nighthawk

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The year is 2324. We haven’t heard of the Borg or the Dominion or even the Ferengi. We don’t know that Trills are joined and we carry communication devices in our pocket. Meals are cooked fresh every day and we’ve never heard of a holodeck. The Romulans have retreated behind their borders. The bigger threat is the Cardassians and the Klingons are still years away from signing a treaty with the Federation.

We are the crew of the USS Nighthawk, an Excelsior Class vessel, tasked with patrolling the southern and southwestern edges of Federation space. Our missions are varied but certainly, we are peaceful explorers first and foremost. We want to know what’s out there; we want to be first to see it all.


Captain Magnus Blaine
Commanding Officer

Captain Blaine is second in command of Task Force 64 and Captain of the USS Nighthawk, an Excelsior Class vessel, currently taking on crew and supplies as it readies for departure from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Played by Star_Geek

Lieutenant Commander T'Prir Abbott
Executive Officer

T'Prir has rejected Surak's teachings, which she had learned from birth. She rejected them after her father died shortly before her first pon farr at age 17 and has accepted, v'tosh ka'tur, as her philosophy from then on. Despite that, she has decided that there was no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and is prone to falling back on her logical teachings when people or situations do not make sense. She also will traditionally raise the right eyebrow when something is illogical or is interesting. Her speech tends to lack inflections because of her upbringing but when emotional, she will use inflections and they may be emphasized in incorrect areas. Because she is a blend of human and Vulcan DNA, her physiology also is mixed.

Played by Amanda Rose

Lieutenant Stiivan Thai
Chief Medical Officer

A tall trill male, Thai has mahogany skin and a pleasing baritone that lends to his authority in Sickbay and his calming demeanor elsewhere. A very easygoing Doctor who downplays his mastery of several specialties with an often baffling, demure humility, he is a very experienced, capable leader.

Played by davidjosephmoody

Lieutenant Faizah Negasi
Chief Engineer

Faizah is a women of quiet confidence, not shy about asserting her competence in a field, but neither will she claim a talent or skill she does not possess. She tends to be matter-of-fact, amiable enough with colleagues, but not really opening up until she gets to know an individual better.

Played by SableWarrioress

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Lieutenant Artorias Forthright
Chief Tactical Officer

Artorias is a Starfleet Lieutenant currently posted as chief tactical officer of the USS Nighthawk, in addition he is a Starfleet Special Operations Operative assigned to the Nighthawk in lieu of tensions with other galactic powers in the early 24th century.

Played by Alastor

Lieutenant Vivien Riely
Acting Chief Science Officer

Played by Lord_Trekie

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Ensign Soyer Rantis

A very capable Nurse, the starship Nighthawk is Rantis' first posting after Academy graduation, and will serve as the transitional residency for this young officer as he completes his evolution from student to medical professional.

Played by youfigureitoutbltch

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Communications Officer


You Will Know My Name
started September 17, 2018

Meredith Cabot, famed archeologist and outspoken advocate for women's rights on a galactic scale, has been reporting missing. A media favorite, Dr. Cabot had been receiving a great deal of press after the discovery of ruins of a matrilineal society. Dr. Cabot and her team, who live aboard the research vessel, USS Akan, are zealous in protecting their finds. They had been performing high-orbit scans around an undisclosed planet near the border of Kzinti space when all contact was lost.