USS Phoenix

I present to you the U.S.S. Phoenix, she is one of the last Galaxy class starships to be refitted as the aging class slowly phases out of service. Having sat in mothball condition in a reserve yard at Utopia Planetia, the Phoenix was previously unassigned and restricted from active service as Starfleet often used her as a test bed for any advances that were to be put forth onto the Galaxy Class line.

Now as the Alpha Quadrant recovers from the tragic loses of the Dominion War, the Federation suffers from a dangerous decline in morale. Her member worlds struggle between maintaining themselves; investing in their native interests and contributing to the Federation and its Starfleet. In an effort to combat this mass demoralization of its forces, Starfleet has pushed forth a rejuvenated effort into its exploration and sciences mandates and building new vessels. But having lost so many resources during the war, it was forced to return aging vessels and press experimental ones into active service. The Phoenix was to be one of the first ships to be refitted and reassigned but due to the various modifications she had undergone previously, it proved too difficult to install the new components she required to be of service and her refit took much longer then was expected

After nearly double the amount of time and effort that saw her peers operational the ship is almost finished, but before Starfleet could press her into service, a new faction of the Federation has managed to wrestle her command away and it now serves as the direct authority for the vessel.

The Phoenix is now online and receiving the first of her crew, watch as they struggle with taming her systems and almost sentient like moods and marvel as the vessel that was once a test bed for the most advanced technologies, shows that there is more to her then meets the eye.

The USS Phoenix will take place in a alternate future timeline one in which Starfleet has been openly targeted and criticized by Federation politicians and member worlds in response to the number of Interstellar conflicts, such as the Cardassian War, Federation space incursions from the Borg, the Maquis Rebellions and finally the Dominion War which was the straw that broke the camels back. These politicians and their supporters have managed to create enough traction that a new type of Starfleet charter has been drafted one for a specific purpose and while supported by Starfleet it is not under the authority of Starfleet Command. The vessel is to be instead responsible for adhering to UFP control directly and to uphold its new charter as if it supersedes Starfleet laws and protocols.

The ship in question could not be the latest in Starfleet technology however it could be bolstered and refitted in order to be fully operational in modern times and fulfill its mission. The Federation managed to acquire a Galaxy Class hull which belonged to the USS Phoenix. The ship had meant to be launched with its sister Galaxy vessels and was given the name Phoenix as an homage to the namesake and to remove the blight of another vessel of that name which mutinied against Starfleet. However it was deemed instead this nearly completed Hull would serve as a test bed for experimental technologies proposed to the Galaxy line. As such, it has been modified again and again having technologies added and removed. This landscape provides unique possibilities to what can happen or be discovered aboard the Phoenix.

The struggle to get the ship operational and in service is on. Starfleet is doing everything in their power to ensure the vessel isn’t launched as its success would admit Starfleet’s failure and could mean further garnered support in those who oppose Starfleet’s authority.