USS Boise

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Commander Kendrick Rockford
Commanding Officer

CMDR Kendrick Rockford know as Ken, The Rock to his friends currently hold the rank of CMDR. Kendrick's last assignment was aboard the USS Washington one of the last Endevour Classes vessels to be serving; where he served as the ships XO for last 3 years. He was promoted to full Commander last year just prior to the Washington's decommissioning which was quite the disappointment. His new orders have brought him to the Delta Quadrant where he still awaits an assignment.

Played by ajeppesen1453

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Lieutenant Commander Henry "Hawk" Pakenham
Executive Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer

Current posting: Executive Officer and Chief of Intelligence, USS Boise NCC-1808

The son of Commodore Edward James Pakenham, 17th Earl of Longford, and Professor of Jurisprudence, Starfleet Academy JAG, Hawk Pakenham hails from the clandestine world of intelligence and security operations. Hawk said once that he respects his father, and loves his mother (Lady Caroline Elizabeth Munro, Countess of Longford), and took his apprenticeship in the field of intelligence, internal affairs, law enforcement, and security from Captain James Bradstreet, a supervising intelligence officer of the secretive Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate. Previously CO of the USS Thomson, a Rhode Island class frigate with a loaned Romulan Cloak, Pakenham now serves as XO of USS Boise.

Played by Pakenham

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Lieutenant Michael Levrock
Chief Medical Officer

Played by Shawn

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  5. Chief Engineering Officer
  6. Chief Medical Officer
  7. Chief Science Officer
  8. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  9. Chief Strategic Operations Officer
  10. Bartender


Feeling It Out
started April 27, 2018

the USS Boise is awaiting the remember of her crew at Kartelan Station.