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After the Battle of the Round Table the USS Expedition was assigned many different roles: search and rescue, diplomacy, security, and exploration. Things have changed though in the Delta Quadrant and she’s on a mission of “fortified exploration,” or exploration through strength and might. Equipped with the latest Starfleet technology and firepower, USS Expedition‘s role is act as a protective, yet powerful asset in an area of space still recovering from skirmishes. Her crew, transferred from the Intrepid class ship, USS Boise, takes the charter of the Federation seriously with dignity and compassion, countered with determination and capable character. The Journey awaits!



Commander Henry "Hawk" Pakenham
Commanding Officer

Current posting: Commanding Officer, USS Expedition NCC - 51118

The son of Commodore Edward James Pakenham, 17th Earl of Longford, and Professor of Jurisprudence, Starfleet Academy JAG, Hawk Pakenham hails from the clandestine world of intelligence and security operations. Hawk said once that he respects his father, and loves his mother (Lady Caroline Elizabeth Munro, Countess of Longford), and took interest in the field of intelligence, internal affairs, law enforcement, and security from Captain James Bradstreet, a intelligence officer of the secretive Starfleet Security and Intelligence Directorate. Previously CO of the USS Thomson, a Rhode Island class frigate with a loaned Romulan Cloak, and XO of the USS Boise of the Intrepid class, he now serves as CO of the USS Expedition.

Played by Pakenham

Lieutenant Elimmerre Shadowhand
Chief Counselor

Lt Elimmerre Shadowhand serves as Chief Counselor, having just finished her psychiatry residency and being cleared for duty.

Played by emilyred

Captain Alex Glathus
Chief Medical Officer

Alex is a Medical Officer in the Starfleet Marine Corps

Played by Drakur

Lieutenant Junior Grade Vott Panns
Chief Operations Officer

Vott is a tall, well built Bolian man in his mid 20's. He loves to swim and workout. He works out 3-4 times a week to try and stay in shape, but food is his friend. He is a kind man, he cares for others. He's not afraid to get rough with people who threaten the people he cares about.

Vott is an outgoing introvert. He loves to hang out with friends and go out to bars, but he also values his alone time.

He loves to hang out on the beach and play volleyball

Off-duty he generally wears shorts or joggers and a tee-shirt or tank-top.

Played by Jfiddle

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Science Officer
  5. Chief Strategic Operations Officer


New Things
started November 10, 2018

The USS Expedition has just arrived to Pendragon starbase, with orders to search for and capture a rogue band of Maquis raiders who destroyed two Federation shipyards and killed over 300 Federation civilians, claiming that after the USS Defiant made Solosos III uninhabitable, the Maquis had cause to exact revenge. Fleeing toward the Round Table, the Maquis group found sanctuary with another group of terrorists, and the Federation dispatched the Expedition to assist sector authorities.