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Due to a unexpected situation arising from the blackmail of a Marine Personnel Officer, resulting in the unwarranted Dishonorable Discharge of 1st. Lt. Meera Deloria, Starfleet Intelligence now has a chance to get someone who would be able to do more than be a periphery agent in the Orion Syndicate, due to her status as heiress of an Orion Cartel.  If things go well, Starfleet Intelligence could get someone friendly to the Federation deep into the Orion Syndicate’s activities, and a deeper insight into the modern Orion culture than ever before.

Considering the very open ended nature of a long term infiltration project such as thing, especially in a region that is far from being the most stable, there is plenty of room for growth both for players and the setting, as Intelligence works to get a foothold into the cartel and learn more of the actual projections of the cartel, as well as several tasks to avoid having the operation exposed to those loyal to the Cartel and its current leader.

Outside of direct Federation control, the rules of what is and isn’t allowed have become more nebulous, as the Federation personnel sent in as support have to decide for themselves, at which point do they decide they have gone too far for the sake of the mission, when the only ones who can truly judge them for what they must do for the mission, is themselves.  Outside of this, there is the more gray-morality missions that members might find themselves thrust into.

There is not an extensive amount of material on Orion culture, society, even organization from the material I’ve been able to find readily available.  While there is some, it’s not overly in depth. But there is enough evidence to indicate that a Orion Cartel family able to get enough sway to control a section of space would be an interesting situation, especially if they manage to be able to expand into governmental faction’s areas of control.  In addition, while Starfleet and other groups have shown to be able to get people into the Syndicate, most of it has been lower level positions. This would be a chance to get an in towards the top of the pyramid, a chance to see how the Syndicate runs at the top.

Theatre of Operations/Location:

The Triangle AOO, based on the Private station Tuiq, but with a few nearby star systems, some Romulan, some Klingon, some Federation, and most neutral, in the region that have some interaction or even influence from the station itself in some capacity.

The station itself is a standard K-Class (, fourty decks with three outboard modules.  Several of the interior spaces have been either repurposed or expanded upon, all without sacrificing interior integrity or security.  The main deck (Deck 16), has been expanded upon into the deck above it (Deck 15) to give it a more open air feel to the ‘Promenade’. This means the inner 2 rings of rooms have been removed, while railings were installed along the outermost walkway so as to reduce the risk of falling.  Another significant change from the standard K-Class, was that KA would have many of its original systems pulled out in exchange of having docking rings and controls installed, allowing for several ships to be docked there along it’s ring. Module KC would be refitted to house several holodeck suites and services.


The Private Station Tuiq, originally Starbase 731 of the Federation, has a long, some might said sad, history.  Originally built in 2170, as a watchpost along the Federation/Klingon/Romulan borders shortly after the Earth-Romulan War ended, it soon found itself being rapidly expanded upon as the Klingon-Federation relations began to deteriorate, though this growth was slow in comparison to other similar posts in more ‘direct’ lines of attack between Qo’noS and Earth, Thusly, it would remain more of a support station that was in a ‘quiet’ front of the Federation, suitable for R&R duties as ships and crews needed time to recover from their combat experiences or the extended tours some crews experienced, or general support of ships moving through the area.  Then, when the Federation-Klingon War in 2256 its purpose was reaffirmed, providing Starfleet with intel reports about ship movements along the core-ward regions of the Empire, which was much the same as on the Federation side of the border – Light and calm, and thus lightly fought over.

After the war ended, the base was left to remain in place, watching and observing the Klingons, and providing general support to Federation ships.  It would continue to do so even during the 2nd Federation-Klingon War during 2267. It would be around 2305 that the station itself would be considered unneeded, since it’s positioning made it un-viable for use as a listening post on Romulan activities, and the station’s purpose for R&R efforts, general operational support of Starfleet ships, and watching Klingon movements could be handled more effectively by more modern, better positioned stations much further from the border, and thusly, was officially decommissioned.  Despite being decommissioned, the station would not be dismantled, as the majority of its systems and sections were no longer even serviceable on other stations, due to their age. Some efforts towards modernization had been made, but as the station was of little strategic or tactical value, these efforts were more afterthoughts than necessity.

It would be in 2315 that the Deloria Cartel would lay claim to the station, and begin to bring the various sections back into service.  After 3 decades, the station, now renamed Tuiq, would be fully online once more, but not as a Federation facility, but rather a major operating base of Orion Syndicate activity in the region.  It’s growth of influence would be slow and limited, as the Deloria Cartel had no intention of making the station a target of retribution of any of the three major factions in the region. However, despite this growth, the station still suffers from a very particular issue – Location.  Despite being a useful trade hub of the black market, it’s position makes it have less traffic than it’d like. Despite this, some could be mistaken for thinking it quite active due to the ships regularly arriving and leaving, including the ships owned specifically by the Deloria Cartel for moving goods into and around the region, plying contraband to various groups.  And with the current rising conflicts, well, the station looks to be garnering more interest as goods find a need to pass through lines maintained by warships on all sides.


Civilian Meera Deloria
Station Administrator

Dishonorably discharged from the Federation Marine Corps, Meera is now left on her own in the Orion Cartel's, in particular her own mother's cartel. With little option or choice, she has to find her way through the politics of the life she attempted to get away from.

Played by Charles Mayfield

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Matthew Ludovisi
Private Security Forces Personnel

Wanted felon. Delora Cartel associate. Speciesist jerk. Unrepentant degenerate. Former Starfleet Marine and Intelligence Operator. Matthew Ludovisi is little more than a thug with specialized training and extensive live experience. He has been aboard Tuiq Station for approximately six months, in which time he has carved out a reputation for himself throughout the Pirate Triangle as a hyperviolent Delora Enforcer.

Played by Stacks