Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus

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Explore the truly unexplored at Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus.


Captain Kennedy Harper

After spending the majority of her career living among the stars, Kennedy was offered the role of Commandant for Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus. While this was vastly different from the currently roles she held in the past, she decided to take the role and start the next chapter of her life.

Played by Joey

Lieutenant Commander Jake Robard
Vice Commandant

Robert has just assumed the position of Assistant Commandant of Starfleet Academy: Bajor Campus. He rose through the ranks in Tactical until he made Department head and opted for the Command Tract.

Played by Camila Di Pasquale

Lieutenant De'Wolfie
Command Instructor

De'Wolfie is a Lieutenant in Starfleet whom has had a run of bad luck with his assignments. Never doing much more than Administrative duties, He was almost ready to leave Starfleet but an old mentor's guidance rekindled his passion for the fleet and convinced him his administrative abilities might best be used to help the next generation of Starfleet Officers and tutor them as Cadets at the new Starfleet Academy located on Bajor.

Played by DeWolfie

Commander Aki Shagdac
Security Instructor

The Cardassian Oppression & Dominion War were for the Bajoran people a heavy time on everyone. Aki is no exception of this and is known to be a fighter, a rebel that always challenges his superiors when he has the feeling they are wrong. In combat on whatever ground it might be fought, he is known for his dangerous calmness and quick tactical assessment of the situation. To counter it with the proper and correct answers that are required on that certain time.

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Mara Sladi
Chief of Security

Mara Inges Sladi currently serves on the Starship USS Kelvin as Chief of Security. Quite frankly, Mara has had it with the universe and the stars. She's done travelling and would like to retire as the Chief of Security for the Starfleet Academy at Bajor that has her firmly grounded in a familiar place. Mara has decided she is not a people person and is suspicious of any activity that involves sneaking around on campus after dark, being in the library until late, walking in dark areas...why are there dark areas of this campus, don't you people see a security issue right in front of your face? It's practically an invite to all malcontents and criminals who would prey on people walking through near or total darkness. No, get lights there now. There should be a security presence at night

Played by MicheleK

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Lieutenant Commander Samuel Moss
Operations Instructor

Played by Moss

Warrant Officer Miraya Tiala
Tactical Instructor

Born on Halii, Miraya spent her childhood searching. She never quite knew where she fit in until she joined the Marines of Starfleet. She quickly abandoned her family for the opportunity to become the best of the best. Her rigorous work-out routine put some of the Marine instructors to shame. She prides herself in her muscular and sleek body. She quickly rose through the enlisted ranks, and was offered a chance to attend Warrant Officer training after achieving the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. After completing Warrant Officer school, she requested to be assigned to the new Bajoran Starfleet Academy.

Played by dizzyg1970

Cadet Freshman Grade Alex Drake
Command Cadet

Alex Drake is a cadet at Starfleet Academy's Bajor campus. An ambitious young man aiming for the command path, his background growing up in New Sydney and mostly away from the Federation's influence presents some challenges to this goal - and unique insights.

Played by LadyBlue

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Cadet Freshman Grade Tery
Engineering Cadet

Born on Bajor, her father moved them to Betazed when she was very young after her mother died. She really has no family left on Bajor, but her father's family on Betazed took her in wholeheartedly. She has always had an affinity for design and engineering, and she has decided to pursue this career in Starfleet.

Played by SyberKat