Starbase Port Royale

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Welcome to Starbase Port Royale

The Year is 2394, and the Federation have established a new base of operations to help watch the pending threat of a new dominion/cardassian treaty. A new race called “The True Way,” are causing havoc along the borders of the Cardassian Empire.

Starbase Port Royale, is a base of operation for the Fourth Fleet aka Bravofleet. Her primary role is to provide tactical support, supply and refit support for deep space exploration vessels. Currently there are three ships assigned to the station.

The main of the station is to provide tactical and logistical support for region of space they cover. Commodore Domingo Martinez, has been tasked with overseeing the operations of the region and maintaining the peace with the Cardassian Union, True Way Alliance and the New Maquis.

The Support Vessels of Port Royale.

The USS Ottawa

Starfleet decided to commission an insignia class starship with the registry of NCC-59996-A. The ship was given the name USS Ottawa. Colonel Ellie Sheppard initially turned down command, but after a little persuasion from her crew she accepted permanent command of the Ottawa. She is thinking about retirement. After the nine year ordeal, she feels that she needs time to heal from her emotional wounds. For a brief time, Domingo Martinez commanded the USS Ottawa.

The USS Shanghai

Under the command of Captain Harry Anderson. Who recently transferred over from the USS Juno, to the USS Shanghai with his crew. After an incident regarding “The Crescent of Sephira.” The USS Juno was badly damaged, and placed into dock to be prepared. The new promoted Captain Harry Anderson assumes command of the USS Shanghai. And promises his crew that Amilla will pay for her crimes, in a federation prison facility.

The USS Saigon

Under the command of Captain Daniella Le Williams. The Saigon is a Diligent Class Starship. Her primary role is to provide tactical support for Starbase Port Royale.


Commodore Domingo Martinez
Commanding Officer

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: Slender man with a light muscular tone.
Physical Features: No scars or tattoos.
Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Ottawa

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Colonel Ellie Sheppard
Executive Officer

Played by mysticfan84