USS Enterprise


Commander John Llewellyn
Commanding Officer

John was Born on April 20th to Dr. George Llewellyn and his wife Commander Margaret Llewellyn. John was named for his two uncles, John David (His father's brother) and his mother's younger brother James. He is a twenty year veteran of Starfleet and highly accomplished and a Veteran of the Thalaron War. In the spring of 2431 John was assigned as executive officer aboard the new Century-Class starship USS Enterprise. Towards the end of June in 2431 Captain Robert J. Weiss, the commanding officer of the Enterprise was taken hostage and rescued. However, the wounds Weiss suffered were far too great. Starfleet made Llewellyn acting commanding officer of the Enterprise and deployed the ship and crew on a fact finding mission within the Epsilon Quadrant...

Played by mav1979

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Second Officer
  3. Command Master Chief
  4. Yeoman
  5. Chief Flight Control Officer
  6. Chief Operations Officer
  7. Chief Security Officer
  8. Chief Tactical Officer
  9. Chief Engineering Officer
  10. Chief Medical Officer


Ambush at Amara
started July 15, 2019

The USS Enterprise undergoing Training Maneuvers in the Amara System has been ambushed by unknown hostiles. Captain Weiss is killed forcing Commander James Llewellyn, the ship's first officer to assume command.