USS Palatine

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A new Vesta-Class Starship is about to launch from the shipyards on a five-year mission of exploration. As part of TF93’s┬áBastet Group, our mission will take us into the depths of the Typhon Expanse, a dangerous and mostly unknown region of space that is waiting to be uncovered. With the Cardassians and Romulans exerting their influence in this region, the USS Palatine will be representing the best ideals of both Starfleet and the Federation while pushing back the boundaries of known space.

The Palatine is a game built around the concept that each and every player has more to offer than just the character they write, that together we can contribute to a level of world-building and storytelling that allows the whole crew to have the fun of creating entire new races, technologies, deep space phenomena, and missions to share. With a heavy focus on the sciences and moral dilemmas, and more than a little TNG flair updated for the late 24 Century, our crew is looking to fill key positions before setting out on our bold mission.


Commander Merzia Jalel
Commanding Officer

A veteran of several conflicts, including the Dominion War, Commander Jalel is placed in charge of ensuring the Palatine's scientific mission is protected with both diplomatic and tactical command.

Played by Sparks

Lieutenant Benjamin Ingram
Executive Officer

Classic Academic would be the logical moniker: of average height, bland in appearance, and a little round about the midsection. He looks like a kindly librarian.
This, my friends, is a trap.
He is a scientist first and foremost, forgoing friends, meaningful relationships, all to gain more prestige or a higher rank...he will get that captains pip one day. By hook, or by crook.

Played by jakesjet

Lieutenant Meilin Jiang
Chief Security/Tactical Offer

Meilin was born to unknown parentage in Hong Kong. She was raised by a Taoist enclave, to which she remains affiliated to this day. Though her easygoing nature sees few highs or lows, she is seldom seen to be taciturn or withdrawn. Her quiet strength is the bedrock of her temperament. Meilin is an eternal student and spends all of her time either in pursuit of study or in reflective meditation in what she has learned. She voluntarily maintains a section of the arboretum as part of her meditation regimen.

Played by wizardbeard

Lieutenant Mara Ricci
Chief Engineering Officer

Mara is cold and bitter on the surface, but if anyone takes the time to get to know her, they will find her to be friendly- if a bit stand-offish- and fiercely loyal. She can come off as snobbish, but really, she just extremely introverted. She has no time for prejudices or people who hold them. Conversely, though, she is irritated by people who actually live up to their stereotypes. (Ex. Cardassian jerks, violent Klingons, money hungry Ferengi, etc.) She likes people to break their molds and do something unexpected.

Played by TheDoctor

Ensign T'Niam
Chief Counselor

Something of an oddball by Vulcan standards, T'Niam is currently an Ensign with Starfleet and serving as the Science Team Lead Counselor aboard the USS Palatine.

Played by Cas

Lieutenant Junior Grade Devin
Chief Intelligence Officer

Devin is many things from her devil-may-care attitude, acquiring several broken bones from practicing parkour levels beyond her range on a dare is one such indication. Devin is always up for a challenge, either from games, or tests of skills even if she has never done the proposed activity. She will happily join in and have fun regardless of winning more loosing. She will play light pranks, too full bloom mischief depending on the situation and reason behind it. She is Greatly enjoys trying new things from sports she's never done, games puzzles, to playing in various holo-adventures. Nearly boundless energy and is almost always on the move, rarely still for more than a few moments. Her free time is either in the kitchen or involved with one project or another, but she'll drop all plans to

Played by mandolady

Open Positions

  1. Chief Science Officer
  2. Chief Medical Officer
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. - Science Team Leads