Providence Fleet Yards

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Providence Fleet Yards (PFY) is a Starfleet shipyard located in the Beta Geminorum System. PFY serves as TF93’s headquarters. Originally a decommissioning yard for older starships, it is now a thriving Fleet Yard constructing, refitting, and resupplying the Fourth Fleet’s assets in the Beta Quadrant.

By the time the majority of the ships formerly mothballed were redeployed into the fleet, Providence’s role switched from de/re-commissioning older ships to creating new ones. A Regulus III class starbase and shipyard were built. The Regulus III has seven dry docks that can construct, repair, and refit ships as big as a Galaxy Class.

Providence serves as a strategic point for Task Force 93. Being in the center of Task Force 93’s Area of Operations, it is utilized as a traffic relay point from the Canterra Sector, to the Gavarian Sector, to the Raeyan Sector.


Vice Admiral Yewande Banda
Task Force Commanding Officer

Played by beeman

Commodore Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson
Task Force Executive Officer

A country boy at heart, Nathaniel "Nate" Jackson is rarely seen without his hat on, not that it hides anything, it is just what he prefers. His somewhat-ruffled beard is neatly trimmed to just be part mustache, part beard but not too much that you can't see his cheeks and his jawline. The smile gives that away.

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

Captain Leslie Ramsey
Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater (GRN/CC)

With the incursion of the Gorn, Leslie was tapped to become the Executive Officer of TF93 and the Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater. He is currently stationed at HQ TF93, Providence Fleet Yards.

Played by beeman

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Captain Erin Sable
Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Klingon Theater (KLN/CC)

Erin has steadily worked her way through the ranks, proving again and again that she is reliable, quick thinking, and flexible. Starting as a fresh faced Ensign on the USS Gregarious as a Security Officer, Erin began her steady climb. At the age of 25, she gained custody of her 15 year old brother when their mother was killed in action. While this was an emotional blow, it also bolstered Erin's motivation to be the best Security Officer she could be. Eventually, Erin landed on the USS Tornado as Executive Officer. After a brief stint there, Erin was transferred back to Starfleet HQ to join a joint task force designated to keep an eye on the Sovereignty of Kahless. Now, with the stepping down of Capt. Colburn, Erin was chosen to command Federation Forces for the Klingon Theater.

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Commander Amie Cerys
Deputy Director of Intelligence (N2D)

Amie is currently assigned as the Deputy Director of T93 Intelligence Section.
She found out that she was 1/8 Betazoid while doing some digging after joining Starfleet Intelligence.
She is the only one in her family to join Starfleet.
Last name pronounced: S-air-is

Played by KrisK1226

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Commander Hrishikyvan sh'Pavn
Director of Logistics (N4)

Though fiery in his methodology, Kyvan has been the voice of reason behind numerous captains and commanders. With a mind like a spreadsheet, and a duranium will behind it, he's hoping to bring some much desired experience to his new role.

Played by theeflamehead

Commander T'Prir Abbott
Director of Strategic Plans (N5)

T'Prir has rejected Surak's teachings, which she had learned from birth. She rejected them after her father died shortly before her first pon farr at age 17 and has accepted, v'tosh ka'tur, as her philosophy from then on. Despite that, she has decided that there was no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and is prone to falling back on her logical teachings when people or situations do not make sense. She also will traditionally raise the right eyebrow when something is illogical or is interesting. Her speech tends to lack inflections because of her upbringing but when highly emotional, she will use inflections and they may be emphasized in incorrect areas. Because she is a blend of human and Vulcan DNA, her physiology also is mixed.

Played by Amanda Rose

Commander Mira Blackwood
Director of Communications (N6)

Mira is like most Betazoids, friendly and kind-hearted. She loves doing her work in the fields of Science and Biology. Known for being socially open and always in for a good story or getting to know people.

Played by BlackWolf

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Commander Sera Covey
Director of Sciences (N7)

Commander Sera Covey is a dedicated woman. First and foremost to her is her family, second is science, third is the Federation. Though, she is thoroughly loyal to all three. She has steadily worked her way up the ranks until, finally, she was able to put her career more in the limelight after her son enrolled in the Academy.

Along with her beloved Boston terrier, Wilson, Sera has moved to Providence Fleet Yards to be the Director of Sciences for Task Force 93.

Played by Rach H

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Commander Amelia Tandy
Surgeon General (N8)

Amelia is a tough girl with a soft side. Since she grew up with just her older brother around most of the time, she tends to be a bit on the tom boy side. Her parents were never around, so she was basically raised by her brother.

Amelia tends to do things her own way and not play by the book. She makes her own rules as she goes, but doesn’t try to enforce them unless absolutely necessary, especially if dealing with someone above her own rank. Amelia may be tough, but when she is taking care of a patient, she’s always gentle and kind.

Played by Rach H

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Commander Sel
Director of Civil-Military Affairs (N9)

Known for his impeccable decorum and attention to detail, Commander Sel is the new Director of Civil-Military Affairs for Task Force 93.

Played by Nate