Providence Fleet Yards

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Providence Fleet Yards (PFY) is a Starfleet shipyard located in the Beta Geminorum System. PFY serves as TF93’s headquarters. Originally a decommissioning yard for older starships, it is now a thriving Fleet Yard constructing, refitting, and resupplying the Fourth Fleet’s assets in the Beta Quadrant.

By the time the majority of the ships formerly mothballed were redeployed into the fleet, Providence’s role switched from de/re-commissioning older ships to creating new ones. A Regulus III class starbase and shipyard were built. The Regulus III has seven dry docks that can construct, repair, and refit ships as big as a Galaxy Class.

Providence serves as a strategic point for Task Force 93. Being in the center of Task Force 93’s Area of Operations, it is utilized as a traffic relay point from the Canterra Sector, to the Gavarian Sector, to the Raeyan Sector.


Rear Admiral Yewande Banda
Task Force Commanding Officer

Played by beeman

Captain Nathaniel “Nate” Jackson
Task Force Executive Officer

Played by Leam Mark Farrar

Captain Leslie Ramsey
Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater (GRN/CC)

With the incursion of the Gorn, Leslie was tapped to become the Executive Officer of TF93 and the Commander, Federation Forces (COMFEDFOR) for the Gorn Theater. He is currently stationed at HQ TF93, Providence Fleet Yards.

Played by beeman

Commander Vladimir Demochev
Director of Intelligence (N2)

Information Classified by SI Ops Div and Section 31.

Code Name: Yuri.

Played by Reius

Lieutenant Commander Ras Th'zaanaq
Deputy Director of Intelligence (N2D)

Played by ClaypoleSteve

Colonel Reius Rothschild
Task Group Commanding Officer (Bastet) (TGCO-B)

At 6'1'', fit and with a muscular body that been through hell and above after years of combat and training, Reius look like a forty years old man while in fact he is not so far of the six century. As an El Aurian, as well as a Borg survivor, he is ready to do all he can do make sure to keep the vow he made years ago. Retrograding himself to the rank of commander after serving for nearly thirty year as a Marine's General only to be able to go back to service, it would not be the first time nor surely the last he would do something like this to go where the action is.

Played by Reius

Commander Calida
Director of Strategic Plans (N5)

Nobody has physically seen Calida and lived to tell the tale. She is an electromagnetic non-corporeal being. While onboard Starfleet vessels, Calida inhabits a mechanical mobile frame that is roughly humanoid in appearance. Within her quarters, she often transfers to a protective carrier pod whose dimensions are approximately 1m x 1/2m x 1/2m.

Calida has a transcendental perspective which is not given to excesses whether positive or negative, though her wry sense of humor never fully leaves even in the worst of circumstances. Baser lifeforms may wrongly interpret her as mercurial.

Played by wizardbeard