USS Valhalla

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The Valhalla takes place 12 years after the end of the Dominion War and takes place in the Gamma Quadrant in an effort to help rebuild after the war.


Captain Richard Wayne
Commanding Officer

Richard is returning from bereavement leave after the death of his son.

Played by aparry

Lieutenant Stephanie O'Hara
Chief Engineering Officer

Stephanie is a gifted engineer with a checkered background and a healthy lack of respect for authority. She joined Starfleet as a means of trying to distance herself from the sins of her past. She graduated the Academy at the age of 18. Upon Graduation, she was assigned to Starfleet Security's Data Protection Project where she developed new methods of data encryption that she claims to be unbreakable. So far, no one has proven her wrong. Currently assigned to the USS Valhalla as Chief Engineer.

Played by Aurora42

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Lieutenant Bryta Mylo
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Played by JSlattery

Commander Hadir Prenar
Executive Officer

Hadir is rough around the edges and suspicious of everyone, just as everyone is suspicious of him. He is loyal to fault once someone has earned his loyalty and friendship. Thus far he is loyal to Starfleet and it's people. As no one has shown him any compassion except for Starfleet. Hadir has a photographic memory and is uniquely adept at languages which comes from not only his Mind Training but from his innate abilities as a Cardassian. Hadir wanted to become the first Cardassian in Starfleet, which he achieved. Now he wants nothing more than to prove that not all Cardassians are liars, he for one is loyal to a fault. He now wants to become the first Cardassian Captain in Starfleet. Hadir spends his time studying ancient Earth history. Particularly the periods known as the Dark Ages and t

Played by Hadir Prenar

Open Positions

  1. Marine Detachment Commander
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer