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Valkyries the SCE brightest mobile engineering teams, that are deployed in various hazard situations through the galaxy. They are deployed with planetary evacuation, building, support in war efforts or simply repair duties that are required to be done by Starfleet. They are assigned towards shipyards, starbase or outpost to give them the supporting edge they require to finish the job. The concept of the Valkyries has been taking in more to the liking of the Bravo Fleet experimental assignment of the USS Ajax. In Starfleet eyes, a huge success and more of these kinds of teams will be deployed in various Task Forces. One of those teams is Team 14, under the leadership of Lieutenant Waltz towards Task Force 72. Team 14 is assigned towards Starbase 72, while it is stationed there, they answer both towards the Starbase Command staff and SCE. The USS Earhart, an Argo Class, is assigned towards this team for deployment.


Lieutenant Kathryn Waltz
Hazard Engineer Commanding Officer

"Snow Flake? Bright and cheerful woman, she is a loyal Starfleet Officer that has served us on many fronts. Yea Kathryn is one of its kind that is for sure, but at the same time, she has her wounds to bandage over the years that has happened to her. Though I respect her attitude, she stands straight with a smile on her face and doesn't bow to fear or pain. If you want a good Engineer, go get those at Starfleet Academy. If you want an excellent one, I recommend Kathryn any day" ~ Commander glov Mess

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Junior Grade Emilie Evren
Hazard Engineer Executive Officer

Emilie is currently in-prisoned by the Ravagers and has been for six months. She has recently met up with the CO of Valkyries and her crew, who are currently in the same position she is. Previously, Em was part of the fighter wing group of the USS Typhoon.

Played by KrisK1226

Gunnery Sergeant Ellen Doyle
Security Officer

To say that Ellen "Gunny" Doyle has some personal issues, is like declaring that absolute-zero is cold...but you'd be pretty messed up to, if you were left for dead on a derelict station filled with hostile forces, for over two years...and then found out that your mission was made pointless anyways...

As a former black-ops specialist and special forces operator, Ellen has had a varied career: Despite her NCO listing, she was the Security Chief for the USS Rhode Island, first of her class...she was briefly the "sheriff" of Starbase K-3, aka: Providence Fleet Yards...an error in the Starfleet assignment databanks made her, for a while, the Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Constitution. She infiltrated enemy lines before the retaking of the Olympus colony.

Now, she babysits engineers.

Played by ResidualRose

Ensign Staffan Haas
Field Medic

Played by ClaypoleSteve

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Corporal Jasper Sadler-Knowles
Communication Specialist

An intellectual young man with a brilliant technical mind, Corporal Jasper Sadler-Knowles dropped out of university to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps. With specialized training and two years of higher education already completed, he went through basic training with some additional classes taken alongside the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Earning himself an E-3 rank initially, he was attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineer's Hazard Team 14 "Valkyries" as Communications Specialist for the team with a temporary field promotion to E-4 Corporal.

Played by StarDuster

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Staff Warrant Officer Kalvin Maddox
Damage Specialist

Staff Warrant Officer Maddox is assigned to Hazard Team 14 of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as the Damage Control Specialist, with the additional duties of Team Executive Officer.

Played by Fallon

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Ensign Syn Sanford
Engineer Specialist

An only child, Emersyn’s always been a bit spoiled, but she doesn’t act like a brat. She grew up with a lot of cousins, and an aunt and two uncles around her age. She is friendly, outgoing and fun loving, or at least she was before being imprisoned. Whether that experience will taint her young mind has yet to be seen.

Played by Rach H

Open Positions

  1. Engineering Specialist
  2. Warp Systems Specialist
  3. Computer Systems Specialist
  4. Structural / Environmental Systems Specialist
  5. Communications Specialist


Blackbox 7
started January 8, 2018

With weeks no contact from Deep Space 7, the horror news is received that Deep Space 7 has been destroyed. Recovery teams are sent into Expanse, with Team 14 and the USS Genesis assigned towards the support group of the flotilla. Lieutenant Waltz gets the order that their primary task is to locate the Blackbox on the sight and to find and destroy the computer core, or whatever is left of it. However, when arriving, things get complicated with the Breen closing in.

The Gathering
started January 1, 2018

The team is to gather at Starbase 72 and get to know each other before they are sent into the Expanse with an urgent mission. However, Lieutenant Waltz was not expecting to get such unique team.