USS Devonshire

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The USS Devonshire is currently completing a refit cycle at Providence Fleet Yards and is assigned to Task Force 93 to assist with it’s multitude of objectives. A suitable loadout of modules is ordered loaded to support as many of those objectives as possible without any additional downtime to replace them after the Devonshire departs Providence. Due to the Gorn Incursion of the Cestus and Canterra sectors as well as the increasing tensions in the area of operations caused by the ongoing Klingon Civil War, a Marine Expeditionary Unit consisting of a combined arms battalion and two squadrons of fighters is ordered to be forward deployed onboard the Devonshire. To accommodate the MEU a type IV cargo/crew module has been refit as a Marine barracks and installed as well as a Type VIII hangar module for the two squadrons of fighters and their support personnel. The ship has been outfitted with both science and medical modules to expand her humanitarian aid abilities, as well as a colonization/evacuation module to assist in settling the Raeyan Transit Corridor or evacuating civilians out of harms way should the Gorn press further into Federation territory, or the fighting inside the Klingon Empire spills across the border. Two Type VI combat modules have been transferred from Utopia Planetia to Providence for the Devonshire’s use should further hostilities erupt. All personnel are ordered to Providence to begin boarding operations and finish preparations for departure.


Commander Francheszka "Frankenstein" Braxton
Commanding Officer

A grizzled and scarred old Veteran, who became an officer the "long way around", enlisting in Starfleet as an engineering specialist, climbing to Non-Comm Chief, and then receiving a field commission thanks to the horrendous attrition rate during the Dominion War.

Some of her original body even made it through all that with her!

Played by ResidualRose

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Lieutenant Commander Jack Logan
Executive Officer

A seasoned explorer, diplomat, and combat commander, Logan was on the verge of being given his own ship before a catastrophe struck his assignment in the aftermath of the Hobus Incident. On an extended leave of absence since, he has only newly returned to Starfleet.

Played by LadyBlue

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Lieutenant Isabelle Verhagen
Chief of Security & Second Officer

Isabelle is described as “exacting” by her peers. holding herself and those who serve under her to the highest of standards. She trains and drills relentlessly and prides herself on running a department that can handle anything the universe throws at it. She can be harsh with her criticism and sparing with her praise, seeing a sharp tongue as just another training implement. For the most part she lives a lifestyle to match her on the job persona, challenge sports, high protein meals, simulated wilderness treks, she plays as hard as she works. Her detractors call her hypocritical, quick to criticise a crewman for being out of regs, while at the same time wearing an intricate alien hairstyle herself. In addition to taking great offense at such a suggestion Isabelle is quick to point out that

Played by Hackhand

Lieutenant Junior Grade Syhlev Th'kalsrirh
Chief Operations Officer

Syhlev was recently requested to transfer to the U.S.S. Devonshire as Chief Operations Officer. He is a serious, quiet and dutiful Aenar, letting nothing stop him from doing his duty. Alongside him is his four-year-old Aenar/Andorian Hybrid, due to his three spouses not having room for him on their busy jobs.

Played by Khamnin

Lieutenant Khaz Rien
Chief Engineering Officer

A sarcastic, dry-witted Bajoran woman, Lieutenant Khaz Rien is an accomplished engineer with a secret love for trashy romance holonovels. She's looking forward to the challenge of being the Chief of Engineering on a ship in an active warzone, and hopes that her best is good enough.

Played by keepitmythy

Captain Jordan Hale
Chief Intelligence Officer

Captain Hale was selected to be the Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Devonshire due to her knowledge of Starfleet Marine Corps operations and her expertise in the field of intelligence that would lend itself well to the planning stages of a Gorn counterattack.

Played by beeman

Lieutenant CDubrovski
Chief Medical Officer

Caterina and her four miscreants, usually referred to as her children have just joined the Devonshire. having spent some time in hospital complexes in the Sol system. this will be the first time the children have been on a starship.

Played by CDubrovski

Lieutenant Junior Grade Shenara Trea
Chief Counselor

Shenara is Chief Counsellor & a Diplomatic Officer of the USS Devonshire.

Played by jtaylor-grove

Lieutenant Anatrie Kheim
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Anatrie Kheim (pronounced an-NA-tree KEE-em) is a devoted and decorated Starfleet officer, having spent the bulk of her career studying Federation and interstellar law, and served several admirals during court martials and other judge advocate general operations. She is also a rapidly-rising star in Starfleet's diplomatic efforts throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, known for her quick assimilation and agile adaptation to foreign cultures. Contrastingly, at times she can seem almost uninterested or lackadaisical, although her ennui has never impacted her career. Her friends know her as a richly-cultured and well-spoken individual who sometimes comes across as whimsical and sometimes impulsive.

Played by uruzrune

Lieutenant T'Lorok “Lancer” Karon
Wing Commander

T’Lrok has the classic Romulan male appearance, pale skin, black hair in the distinctive style, pointed ears, eyebrow ridges and his face usually carries a thin smile, bordering on a sneer.

T'Lrok is most often arrogant, direct, forceful and dismissive, with a well-developed Romulan superiority complex.
However, when T’Lok chooses, he can be polite, respectful, well-mannered and almost charming.
His natural arrogance is as much a part of his cultural heritage as it is based on his innate ability – he is an exceptional small-craft pilot.

This natural skill has been called reckless and dangerous by some and many wonder when his luck will run out. An event T’Lok himself seems to believe will never occur.

Played by THX1188

Open Positions

  1. Chief of the Boat
  2. Chief Tactical Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. Marine Detachment Commander
  5. Starfighter Wing Pilot
  6. Master-at-Arms
  7. Chief Shuttle / Runabout Pilot
  8. Marine Detachment First Sergeant


Fresh Faces
started October 9, 2018

In the aftermath of the Second Gorn Assault of Xavier Fleet Yards, newly battle-tested commanding officer, Francheszka "Frankenstein" Braxton gets to work bringing the Devonshire's understaffed crew complement up to full, as she puts her own personal touches on the vessel...and plans for the coming retaliatory joint-strikes against the Gorn Hegemony.

Stomping Grounds
started January 6, 2018

The Devonshire isn't even out of space dock when its first mission arrives. Things are still confused in the region surrounding the Gorn Occupied Territories, the Devonshire and her crew are ordered to proceed at best sustainable speed to Xavier Fleet Yards, which was heavily damaged during the opening hours of the Gorn Incursion. Captain Wilcox knows the area intimately, having family stationed at Xavier. Devonshire is ordered to secure the area and assist with cleanup operations.

Episode 0: The Calm Before the Storm
started December 1, 2017

As the Devonshire nears the completion of its refit cycle her new crew begin to arrive and set up shop. There are belongings to unpack, crew to meet, and systems to check before the ship departs for her first mission.