USS Sentinel

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The USS Sentinel has been in long-term storage since its last crew was transferred out three and a half years earlier. The reason for her storage was never released to the public or the bulk of Starfleet; only five people in the entire fleet know where the Sentinel is, but not the reason why it is there. Seeing something in Diane Shelby’s character that he hasn’t seen in quite some time, Admiral Jake Banning reassigns her to retrieve the Sentinel and command her until she can convince his own son to come back to Starfleet.

The Sentinel is a long range science vessel, and that will be the focus of our missions for the foreseeable future. Sentinel will explore the relatively uncharted regions in and around the Krazzle Republic and C’hakilian Empire. The ship will also be actively sought after by a rogue group of Klingons who intend on finding out the secrets hidden within her computers from its missions in 2384.


Lieutenant Commander Jim McCullen
Commanding Officer

Jim McCullen is a career Starfleet officer. He entered Starfleet Academy straight out of high school and has served ever since. He met, wooed and married his wife, had six children and three dogs, all while serving in Starfleet. After seeing the last of his children out of the nest, Jim decided it was time to step up from being executive officer, a position he'd held for nearly six years, to command of his own vessel.

With a background in tactical and strategic operations, Jim has been on the front-lines of Starfleet's recent conflicts for most of his career and has earned a reputation as a steadfast, reliable man to have around. Steady in a fight, cool in a pinch and on top of his crew.

Played by Brainfishes

Lieutenant Oliver Ross
Chief Operations Officer

Oliver and his twin sister Olivia was born in the City of Chicago, Earth to Kyle and Mason Ross; civilian researchers. Much like their brother Elias, the twins were a surprise as it was believed that Mason was thought unable to conceive. Oliver was a typical energetic child who often got into trouble along with his older brother.

During his teenage year Oliver grew fascinated by his parents work and often shadowed his father who was working on enhancing communications systems on Starships. It was the hope of his parents that Oliver would follow in their footsteps, but that all changed when Oliver decided to join Star Fleet instead.

Played by Paul Clark

Lieutenant Michael Lee
Chief Medical Officer

Born on September 10, 2359 to Scott and Jennifer Lee in Palo Alto, California. Michael is the eldest of five children. Despite his father running a successful trading business based on Earth, Michael did not see himself taking over the family business. Drawn to medicine and encouraged by his grandfather, Michael threw himself into his studies and applied to Stanford medical school. Graduating with top marks, he went took his residency at John Muir Hospitals before applying to Starfleet. Completing his officer training, Michael requested posting on Starships rather than stations in order to learn more about the mysteries of medicine on the front line of exploration.

Played by jagsthepanda

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Lieutenant T'sa
Chief Diplomatic Officer

T'sa was born on Vulcan, in a heavily populated city to a half-Vulcan Mother, T'Shane, and a strict Vulcan father, V'lil.

In a family of doctors and scientists, T'sa is the "black sheep", having chosen to study diplomacy her entire adult life.

She is now a Chief Diplomatic Officer, wanting to prove she is capable of the position.

Played by Shire

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  3. Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Counselor
  5. Chief Diplomatic Officer


Mission 1: Come to Life
started November 23, 2017

Admiral Banning collects Commander Shelby from Deep Space Six as the USS Nova comes in for its yearly resupply. Little does she know the adventures that await her on her at her new posting, Captain of the USS Sentinel. Meanwhile, rumours are spreading around the Klingon empire of a Federation ship with the ability to travel through time. A rogue group of Klingons hell bent on getting their house on the High Council sets out to strike the location where the Sentinel is stored and capture it.