USS Traveller

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“Your own life, or your band’s, or even your species’ might be owed to a restless few—drawn, by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds.”
Carl Sagan


Towards the end of the 24th Century the Federation has fought wars, brokered peace, and gained the stability that only a warrior could dream of. Federation science advances, new colonies flourish, and Starfleet rebuilds and licks its wounds. But what advances can be made without new discovery? Without sacrifice?

For some there is a deeper desire, to see what lies on the far shore and sail beyond it to the next one. For those, a better understanding of known space, and even the shrinking remoteness of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants holds no appeal. For those restless few there is a rallying cry, a point for all who seek to sail strange forbidding seas: a new five-year mission into the unknown.

The Traveller beckons.

Using an experimental technology Starfleet intends to send a ship beyond the Galactic Barrier, and out into the darkness between galaxies. Its destination will be Messier 4, a globular cluster orbiting our very own Milky Way galaxy. Millions of unexplored stars, and strange new worlds await the brave and foolish who crew the starship Traveller. For whilst leaving this galaxy is the work of scientists and theorists, their return is far from certain. The machinery is too large to fit within a ship, and quite possibly may only work once.

And that isn’t even taking into account the fact that when map makers stop making maps, they tend to write the warning ‘Here be dragons’.


Captain Remas McDonald
Commanding Officer

Before applying for this candidacy Remas was an officer of middling talent. This was more often than not outweighed his accomplishments with black marks on his record. But given the dangers of the Longjump Project, a Captain with the ability to think reckless thoughts becomes a merit, not a hindrance. As he is often want to say 'I have a wanders heart, and never do I know if it seeks to draw me to danger or opportunity'.

Played by jakesjet

Ensign Shadi Zatra
Operations Officer

Shadi is very strong and imposing, though she strives to be as personable and friendly as possible. She is calm, cool, and collected at all times except for in the performance of her duties. Her impatience lends her a short temper and impatient approach to solving problems, which as often as not leads to damaged tools and instrumentation. Her balance between intensity and serenity is inimitable, as her enthusiasm and sincerity compels her to build and maintain friendship with everyone she meets.
Shadi's temper can get the better of her when confronted with a difficult or complex problem. She is far from stupid, but her knowledge is born through experience rather than education. Instincts over protocols is her motto. She is also known for her food-related euphemisms.

Played by wizardbeard

Open Positions

  1. Chief Science Officer
  2. Chief Communications Officer


2: Rubison
started December 17, 2017

During the long cruise from their entry point to Dark Space to the edges of Messier 4, the crew of the Traveller shore up the damage they took in their exit and get used to the idea of being alone and together at the same time. But there is one more test before they enter Messier 4. An impossible wreck, drifting in space. An impossible danger, waiting for prey.

1: These Are The Voyages
started October 14, 2017 and ended January 10, 2018

After years of work, the Federation is ready to embrace its role as explorer once more. But no longer do they look at the stars in their sky for destinations, now they look far and away to a distant land. Arriving in their launch system the team prepares the Traveller to be launched from the immense scientific experiment housed within the Long Jump Accelerator. Harnessing the power of the blue giant sun, this machine will catapult the Traveller through the Galatic Barrier and on to adventure..