USS Nogura

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As the first Starfleet vessel constructed in the shipyards of the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Nogura continues the proud traditions and reputations of previous vessels to bear her name. A brand-new ship with the latest technologies and a fearsome reputation to live up to, the Nogura is sure to make her presence felt in the space lanes of the Alpha Quadrant following her transfer to Task Force 72 and the home quadrants. But beyond the traditional heartlands of the Federation, the course of peace never runs smoothly…

Many light-years to the south-west of Sol exists an isolated, desolate region, cut off from the rest of the galaxy by large swathes of Federation, K’Zinti and Talarian territory. A lawless hotbed of activity filled with many worlds and species all lightyears apart, all free to come and go as they please. The area is known by many names, but to Starfleet it is known simply as ‘The Wastelands’.

No fancy fleets have been assigned there in decades, no new installations built in almost a century and only a handful of populated Federation colonies lie on the periphery of Federation space. Starfleet and the Federation have very little reason, and even less desire, to be there – until now. For in the depths of the Wastelands, a large region of space that is sparsely populated by habitable worlds, species, and powers, threats linger around every corner. Enemy agents threaten to dismantle the fragile peace at every opportunity whilst a powerful foe lurks in the shadows, seeking the right opportunity to make their presence felt once again. The people of the Wastelands, isolated and full of resentment towards the rest of the galaxy, do their best to thrive under sometimes perilous conditions. Starfleet has become embroiled in a race against the clock to make inroads into the area before the Alrakis Pact can claim new members. An area once lacking any strategic value has suddenly been thrust into the middle of a bitter feud, but no one can foresee the danger of the whispers in the dark

Whilst the Federation have been negotiating with the Alrakis Pact for more time to explore the Inconnu Expanse, Pact vessels have secretly made inroads into a desolate region known as the Wastelands. In this lawless frontier, respect is earned, not given. Upon receiving intelligence regarding Pact activities in this unexplored territory and faced with the prospect of losing ground in this modern day space race, Starfleet dispatches an initial Task Group to the Wastelands, led by Captain Drayton and the Nogura, to make contact with those worlds closest to their borders and to expand the Federation’s sphere of influence, whilst preventing the Pact from doing the same.

Beyond the border, alone and isolated, the four Starfleet vessels go their separate ways to spread the word of the Federation, but has someone already beat them to it?

A proud multi-time recipient of the Sim of the Month Award.


Captain Colby Drayton
Commanding Officer and Commanding Officer

As master and commander of the Sovereign-class USS Nogura, Captain Colby Drayton (or Cole to his friends) commands one of Starfleet’s proudest vessels. As a talented leader and diplomat, Colby manages to bring the very best out of ship and crew in a wide variety of situations. Adored and respected by those under his command, Drayton has a reputation for being firm but fair and will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives and help his crew carry out Starfleet’s mandate to ‘explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before.’ A master at hiding his true feelings about himself, Cole harbours a lot of guilt, regret and a strong yearning for peace – by-products of recent traumas and losses, and issues that he shares with no-one.

Played by Kai1701E

Lieutenant Commander William Hunt
Strategic Operations Officer

William Hunt is an expert at analyzing both the fine details and the big picture of most situations and provide rational strategic advice to his commanding officer. He began his career in the civilian government, but was advised to join Starfleet by his mentor. Over the years he has become an expert in the Romulan government and culture.

Played by Taral-DLOS

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Eza Bergen PhD
Chief Science Officer

Played by JSlattery

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Seph Swift
Chief Flight Operations Officer

Played by Jfiddle

Open Positions

  1. Chief Counselor
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  3. Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Assistant Chief Science Officer
  5. Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer