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The USS Hawaii is tasked with providing security, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism by Starfleet. Federation President Jarul Bezar commissioned the new vessel in 2388 to help combat the Gorn invasion at Cestus and Canterra.

We are always taking on crew. Feel free to look around and enlist if you like what you see.

The USS Hawaii is currently en route to Canterra IV to establish ground operations as part of the Canterra Campaign, executing the following orders from Starfleet.

Hawaii’s orders are clear: Establish Ground Operations on Canterra IV.


Captain Akio Tachibana
Commanding Officer (CO)

Akio Tachibana was set to transfer to a teaching position at Starfleet Academy after his current command was decommissioned. With the invasion of the Gorn and the Klingon Civil War, he has been pressed into command once more as the Commanding Officer of the USS Hawaii, lashing together a new crew.

Played by beeman

Commander Juan Zamora
Executive Officer (XO)

After a long career aboard one of Starfleet's archetypal "space hotels," living a peaceful life with his family, Juan Zamora is a man thrust into the crucible of conflict. Serving as first officer aboard the combat vessel Hawaii is a universe apart from his former life as a peacetime diplomat. Already he has had to learn some hard lessons about the nature of war in the 24th century. Now, in this unfamiliar and hostile environment, he must use his skills to help guide his ship through the murky and difficult political situation along the Gorn frontier. And he will find out just how far he is willing to go for the sake of peace amongst the stars.

Played by Hackhand

Commander Tolkath
Second Officer/Chief Science Officer (2XO/CSO)

Tolkath is tall and athletic, with classic male Vulcan features. Dark hair in the traditional style, dark green eyes. By human standards he appears much younger than his fifty four years and most would think him being no more than late thirties. . Tolkath generally presents the aloof calmness and emotional detachment characteristic of Vulcans. He is normally soft spoken and considers his words carefully. While his mental and emotional control is well established and he has purged extraneous passions, those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor.

Played by THX1188

Petty Officer 1st Class Halona Grayson
Executive Department Lead Petty Officer (ADMIN)

A young woman of human and Trill parentage, she has the lesser known forehead ridge though it is less pronounced than that of her father (who has a strong resemblance to Odan) She has no tattoos but does have some scars from misadventures.

Played by mandolady

Lieutenant Rafe Cassidy
Chief Flight Control Officer (CONN)

Born and raised in the space-bound lifestyle of asteroid miners, Cassidy's joining of Starfleet keeps him where he performs best - behind the controls of a ship. A former test pilot, he has pressed for an assignment on the Beta Quadrant front with the stirring troubles from Gorn and Klingons alike.

Played by LadyBlue

Lieutenant Deeli Kosu
Chief Engineering Officer (CHENG)

"Kosu? A Strange kid that is apologizing for everything and yet performs above her own grade sometimes. I tell ya that kid is a walking genius and should be part of Starfleet Corps Engineers. She got talent to become something, yet her social withdraw and not talking is something that needs professional guidance. Because if she doesn't socialize with the people, it might become a hinder for her development in becoming a better Engineer, don't know if she can get better already...." ~ Dean Susan Taylor

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Iria Taltos
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (ACHENG)

At under five feet tall her auburn hair is usually the first thing folks notice about her. Though she has been known to dye it because she can. Her eyes are two different colors, her right is light copper-brown and her left is an emerald green in hue. She has a few scars from misadventures and sports that did not go in her favor. The most are small and are of little bother to her. She has no visible tattoos but a few small tattoos that are easily covered by her uniform or other clothes.

Played by mandolady

Lieutenant Junior Grade Harry Stevens
Chief Tactical & Security Officer (TACSEC)

Played by Archerone

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Lieutenant T'Lara
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Played by mysticfan84

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Lieutenant Amiri Aldana 365
Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)

Amiri is a hard working, well educated doctor in many varieties of veterinary medicine, as well as xeno-medicine. S/he had both Kazarite and Hermat parents that give hir, hir appearance and gender. Kazarites have a strong connection to all animals non-humanoid and humanoid. They are covered in fur, walk on their digits (like paws) and have a cute prehensile tail. Amiri's fur pattern is similar to a white tiger. S/he is a hermaphrodite and attempts to enjoy hir dual nature whenever possible.

Played by Vanth

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Marcus Eriksson
Assistant Chief Science Officer (ACSO)

The Hawaii's assistant science chief is young and enthusiastic about his chosen field. He was the potential to be brilliant, but needs that brilliance channelled properly.

Played by Shatners_hair

Crewman Apprentice Quinn
Hospital Corpsman-in-Training (HA)

Quinn McCoy is a very happy person often getting on folks nerves by being so sweet it hurts their sweet tooth. She loves her job and making people feel better!

Played by mandolady

Major Terrance West
Commanding Officer, 3d Marine Raider Battalion (3MRBN/CO)

A marine with a history of special operations commands, West was a natural pick to plan and lead the initial stages of the ground campaign to take back Cestus and Canterra.

Played by beeman

Captain Edward Bolingbroke, 24th Viscount Creedmoor
Bravo Marine Special Operations Company Commander (BMSOC/CC)

Initial impressions are of a tall, athletic and rugged human male. He has short cropped light brown hair and blue eyes. Not classically handsome, although he has well defined lines, his best feature is a ready smile.

Played by THX1188

Sergeant Kyle Walken
Blue Element Leader (2MSOT/EL)

Kyle is currently working with Captain Bolingbroke on getting the "Frog" Squad ready to infiltrate the Gorn forces.

Played by TheCakeisaLie

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jenny Lassonde
Flight 801 Commanding Officer (FLT 801/CO)

Brimming with energy and ready to take on the world, Jenny is the gallant leader of the Golden Knights, USS Hawaii's resident Starfighter flight. A loud, vivacious, larger-than-life personality, she flies and fights and laughs along with her friends and crew mates. Guaranteed to stand out in a crowd she is the Hawaii's happy warrior, seeing herself as a Knight in shining armor, and completely certain that she can best every challenge the Gorn conflict has waiting for her.

Played by Hackhand

Open Positions

  1. Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  3. Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer


Ka Hakaka MaikaŹ»i - The Good Fight
started August 8, 2018

The USS Hawaii is docked with Xavier Fleet Yards (XFY) along with the USS Devonshire to assess the operational capability of the station as the crew dealt with the fallout of the previous Battle at Canterra and conducted repairs both to Hawaii and XFY. During the brief to the USS Devonshire's Senior Staff, klaxons blared RED ALERT as the new-type Gorn Cruiser engaged the ships and XFY.

Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio - Heroes & Villains
started February 1, 2018 and ended August 7, 2018

The USS Hawaii conducted an Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Patrol along the Gorn Front near Canterra where she rendezvoused with the USS Wyoming (the ship the Hawaii was to meet per their orders), a Steamrunner-class vessel, and the two engaged a new-type Gorn Cruiser in the Battle of Canterra.

He ho'omaka hou 'ana - A New Beginning
started October 30, 2017 and ended January 31, 2018

The USS Hawaii conducted a shakedown cruise to Bre'el IV after completing final construction in spacedock at Providence Fleet Yards. Her mission was to ascertain the availability of Bre'el IV's transport/supply vessels for the Gorn Theater. En route, the USS Hawaii received an ominous warning from Bre'el IV.