Deep Space 12

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Starfleet decided that resources allocated to patrol the Cardassian/Federation border would be better utilized in a different location so we were relocated to the ‘southern’ end of the Federation/Cardassian border.

Deep Space 12 forms part of Starfleet’s Task Force 72. Its primary mission is twofold: that of maintaining the peace established by the treaty between Cardassia and the Federation at the end of the Dominion War; and monitoring and policing piratical activity in our region of space.

The peace established a Demilitarized Zone. Both sides were forbidden to establish new bases or deploy armed vessels inside the Zone for the duration of the treaty. Recently that peace was shattered.

A Cardassian colony, Quatal Prime, was transferred to the Federation when the treaty was signed. It was brutally attacked by an unknown force. Now another attack has occurred, this time on the Federation colony planet of Gaspar.

The perpetrator, or perpetrators, is unknown. It could have been Cardassian groups which stand in opposition to the Treaty; it could have been pirates. It could have been a coalition of both. The attacks threaten to send the region into a tail spin, potentially destabilizing the whole border. It will be DS12’s task to both investigate and provide humanitarian assistance to the survivors and assist in rebuilding the colonies.

Following a brutal power struggle, a new figure has emerged at the head of the pirates. He styles himself ‘Commodore’ Lax Rendo’re XVIII. Little is known about him but his methods are plain for all to see. He has been attacking transports and ground facilities then issuing propaganda holovids casting the blame on Starfleet. There holovids have been very effective in rallying support within the areas he controls.

Early efforts at retaliation have provoked a sharp response. Assassination attempts were made against DS12’s XO, Colonel Wolfric Bannister, and a private eye based on the station, Jillian Forst. Both were unsuccessful. Colonel Bannister is preparing to launch a grab and run mission designed to snatch Rendo’re and bring him back to the Federation to face justice.

DS12 will shortly be launching a major offensive against Rendo’re and his cohorts. The offensive will also serve as a diversion to distract the pirates while Colonel Bannister moves in.


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Captain Nelson Harrison
Commanding Officer

Played by Harrison