USS Cavalry

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With the Hobus explosion only two years ago, things are still fragile in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulans are fractured, there is a movement that is disinterested in making peace, a movement that wants nothing more than to take over the Raeyan Transit Corridor, a safe passage between core Federation territory and the Raeyan sector, and a crucial buffer between the Romulan and Klingon empires. The Klingons want to take advantage of the situation and cause nothing but conflicts along the borders, proving they want conquest… and in the middle; the Federation that wants nothing more than to get back to the  original mission of “exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where nobody has gone before”.

Analytical reports supplied by Starfleet Intelligence, Romulan Section, following the Treaty of Nelvana in 2387, indicated the possibility of insurrectionist movements, similar to that of the Maquis in the Cardassian/Federation Demilitarized Zone, occurring within the newly formed Raeyan Transit Corridor (RTC). To that effect, assets were placed in theRaeyan Transit Corridor to monitor the situation and report back. The possibility became reality on July 3rd, 2388 when the USS Venture, was attacked by the Free Romulan Warbird (FRW) V’ashan, Mogai-Norexan.

The USS Cavalry, assigned to Task Force 93 within Bravo Fleet, is tasked with supporting the mission in the Raeyan Transit Corridor and preventing the Free Romulan Movement from gaining any traction in a region that needs more than just support. With Captain Samuel Wentworth and his crew, anything is possible, and with many different forces and factions running around, having a Sovereign-class starship on the Federation’s side, anything could happen..


Captain Samuel Wentworth
Commanding Officer

Samuel is very much a people person, he doesn’t like the rock the boat so much, but he does expect his crew to work hard. He is not afraid to get his own hands dirty, and will in some situations get straight to where the action is to help out and provide support and an extra set of hands if it means success over failure. Samuel is never one to reticule a crewmember for offering an opinion and will always support his crew and team when it comes to ensuring that they have what they need to do their job, and are in good spirits. Samuel does, from time to time, go a little bit over the top with his requests of his crew, he will on occasions ask a bit too much of his crew, stemming from his desire to have a great crew working hard.

Played by Leam Mark Farrar


Pre-Mission (Mission 0): At The Beginning
started November 6, 2018

Six months ago, the USS Cavalry was almost lost. Somehow, not a single life was lost. It rattled the crew, it shook them up. The unknown force gave notice that it would spare the crew and the ship if they retreated without hesitation. There was none. Since then, systems have been repaired. Decks cleared out and replaced. The ship was given a full overhaul and refit. Nothing was left to chance that the unknown force had put something into the systems to spy on the Federation.