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Thank you for your interest. Our game has a rich history, with a well-established environment, dedicated and active writers, and a solid direction for the future. If you’d like to know more, please visit the website for contact information.

A Brief History

The first Federation starship to chart the Tau Lyrae system was the USS Heyerdahl NCC-714 in 2244 during a survey mission of the Betreka Nebula, which was cut short due to the Cardassian Union declaring nebula as part of its expanding territory.

In another event, Heyerdahl was transporting Trill ambassador Rada Xall, who had fallen ill, from a diplomatic conference in the Rigel System. En route, the Heyerdahl was redirected to aid in the Battle of Donatu V, a battle fought with the Klingons. It’s last known communication declared that it was returning to Starbase K-7 for repairs. However, it never arrived there. With damage too severe to support its crew, the Heyerdahl’s personnel were placed into stasis for what they thought would be a return to K-7. A malfunction in the navigational computer en route led them far off-course. Completely by accident, the Heyerdahl’s malfunctioning computer directed the ship to the Tau Lyrae System, where it would succumb to its wounds and crash onto the oceanic Nymeia, a moon orbiting the planet Galene.

Starfleet’s search efforts lead the USS Shakespeare to arrive shortly after, following the Heyerdahl’s leaking plasma trail. However, the Shakespeare was only able to rescue a small number of escape pods from the fallen ship. The wreckage of the Heyerdahl was never recovered and is believed to have sunk into an oceanic crater laced with kelbonite which interfered with starship sensors. At the time, Tau Lyrae Magna was undergoing a flare-up and the system was flooded with theta radiation, making rescue operations impossible.

Both the Federation and the Cardassian Union avoided the system for nearly the next hundred years until 2336 when the Cardassian Union conducted a survey of the system. Discovering that radiation levels had dropped, the Cardassians seized the opportunity to secure the system and constructed a Nor-class station named Visek Nor in orbit of Nymeia in 2338. By the time construction was completed, however, Tau Lyrae Magna underwent another flare-up, forcing the Cardassians to abandon the system and the station by 2340.

In 2347, following decades of conflict in the sector, the Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Union signed the Betreka Accords, in which both signatories agreed not to actively colonize the Betreka Nebula and would view any such attempt as a prelude to war. Though not an official signatory of the accords, the Federation agreed to abide by them.

When the Dominion War broke out in 2373, Starfleet annexed the system and commandeered the derelict Visek Nor, a Cardassian Nor Class station. It moved the station from its orbit around Nymeia to a gravitational anchor point between the moon and Galene, which provided more orbital stability and protection from the theta radiation in the system. The station was invested as a safe house and emergency fallback location during the war and a subspace communications relay was placed in orbit around Tau Lyrae XII to boost communications and sensor transfer to and from the system.

Following the end of the Dominion War in 2376, Starfleet reduced its presence in the system to routine patrols from nearby vessels. Though Visek Nor was technically still a Cardassian asset, it was placed under official administration of the Federation and maintained as a largely unmanned Starfleet safe house and emergency fallback location.

The Hobus Supernova of 2387 brought about the destruction of the Romulan homeworld and the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire. The event sent ripples throughout the astropolitical spheres of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, dramatically changing relations between the galactic superpowers. In the wake of this devastating event, the Klingon Empire took advantage of the Romulans’ weakened state, first by expanding their territory into Romulan space and then annexing Cardassian systems that were under administration by the Romulans after the Dominion War.

In 2397, Chancellor Martok’s tenure as head of the High Council came to an end when he was challenged and defeated by J’mpok, a council member and general of some repute. Upon this victory, J’mpok was unanimously voted Chancellor of the High Council. His first action was to declare war on the Federation for their opposition to the Empire’s expansion. This would plunge the Alpha and Beta Quadrants further into chaos.

In early 2404, the USS Heyerdahl NCC-10714-A, Galaxy Class, was sent to investigate the disappearance of the USS Argent in the Tau Lyrae system. Though they were unable to discover the location of the Argent, they detected a faint transponder originating from twelve stasis pods that had surfaced on Nymeia. The stasis pods turned out to be from the wreckage of the USS Heyerdahl NCC-714, which had crashed on the moon in 2245. While the pods were recovered, there was still no sign of the wreckage, nor of the USS Argent. Of the twelve pods recovered, six occupants survived.

In the year 2407, after ten years of fighting, the war was going poorly for the Federation. After a Federation victory at Nukara, the Klingons hit back hard by destroying the Ragnarok-4 dilithium facility, as well as the USS Heyerdahl-A and another ship. The USS Tyr barely escaped, and limped its way to safety in the Tau Lyrae System, docking permanently at Visek Nor.

The tide of the war was turned in the Federation’s favor in mid-2407. The Romulan Republic, facing both external aggression from the Klingons and internal conflict threatening to tear the fragile Republic apart, agreed to a revised treaty with the Federation, lifting the ban that had kept Starfleet from using cloaking technology. The Federation had long held their own against other galactic powers without it, and the introduction of cloaking technology into their campaign strategies pushed the Klingon Empire into a defensive posture. That, combined with a growing internal conflict within the Empire that spilled over into all-out Civil War at the turn of a decade-long war they had been winning, led to a cessation of hostilities while peaceful negotiations were held.

The Federation chose to negotiate with powerful factions that opposed the ruling High Council rather than the Council itself. Thus, while the Federation is, technically, officially at war with the Klingon High Council, peace has been established with the factions that have been determined to be most likely to defeat the Council, and that control the border with the Federation.

Visek Nor was renamed Heyerdahl Station. Settled in the Tau Lyrae System, Heyerdahl Station and Tyr’s primary missions are the patrol and defense of Federation interests along the Klingon border, as well as to explore the Betreka Nebula, a largely unknown region of space with the potential for new resources, new discoveries, and new first contacts.


Commodore Harrison Anders
Commanding Officer

Harrison came up in Systems Operations line of work. His eventual rise to commanding officer was due to the heat of battle, where his superior was killed. He served respectably during the Ten Year War, the latter portion of it as CO of the USS Reverent. Upon its destruction and the end of the war, Harrison took a break from service to reflect and spend time with family before being plunged back into the command role on Heyerdahl Station.

Played by Jonathan

Commander Emmanuelle Larose
Executive Officer

Emmanuelle is a pleasant person with a bubbly personality. She can be intensely serious when the situation calls for it, and is the pinnacle of professionalism while on duty. Off duty, she is fun, delightful, and charming. She has excellent judgment. In her youth, her feelings occasionally got in the way of her job, but that happens much more rarely now.

Emmanuelle has always been ambitious, but she listened to her mentors back on USS Pandora and decided to climb the ranks slowly, learning wherever and whenever she could to become an indispensable resource.

Her interests include Galactic politics, diplomacy, and strategic affairs, but also holodeck programs and dancing. She still spends time in Phaser ranges, keeping her skills sharp.

Emmanuelle loves her family, especially her niece

Played by Taral-DLOS

Lieutenant Junior Grade Olivia O'Riley
Psychological Services Lead

Olivia is one of very few Drax outside her home system, the daughter of one of the Drax Ambassadors & a member of the ruling family line although she doesn’t care for the hype that goes with it.

She’s empathic & telepathic (think Betazoid but stronger) she’s a fully trained Counsellor & Operations married to the station’s Strategic Operations Officer Timothy O’Riley.

Played by jtaylor-grove


Wyrd bið ful aræd
started October 9, 2018

The crew finds themselves stranded in the mirror universe, fighting for survival in an alternate reality in which they don't belong. They must struggle to return, making enemies and allies along the way.

The Lost Child
started March 14, 2018 and ended August 15, 2018

Our seventh mission. A child lost to the pages of history has been found, and it is up to the crew of Heyerdahl to determine who has the child's best interests in mind as several factions of the same species initiate first contact to get him back.