USS Equinox

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“Have you ever heard the sound from the shadows of the stars knowing home was a lifetime away?”

After one of the deadliest engagements that the Federation ever faced, “The Battle of the Round Table”, a Task Force once tasked with exploration now lays in ruin struggling to survive, disconnected and alone. Every crew, every leader, burdened with a heavy heart and a broken spirit from the void the Borg left and the uncertainty of ever returning home.

The USS Equinox is a starship namesake in the exploration of the Delta Quadrant. Many of her first crew realized that,

“the night of time far surpasseth the day,”
―Sir Thomas Browne, 1658.

Little has changed since her first voyage to Delta Quadrant; it remains to be one of the last final frontiers where the dangers are endless and where the soul is torn between survival and mortality.

Now assumed by a new hull the Equinox returns to the darkness, demanding redemption in a place where choices are never forgotten. The USS Equinox (a Sovereign Class) now holds a vibrant presence in Task Force 38, after losing many of her crew and successfully defending the Federation presence in the Delta Quadrant.

After many months in hold at Diogara Station, the ship has been patched together; but, this station is no Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and the ship is as much held together by the faith and might of her crew. Now held by a new Captain, and home to a battered and unaccustomed crew she travels through the Epatha Gateway into the familiar yet unforgiving Gradin Corridor. Her mission to seek out new allies and heal old wounds.

The crew of the Equinox welcomes you! It is our aim to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment to write and be creative. If you would like become part of our next chapter, please submit an application and join in the adventure! The darkness awaits you…


Commodore Bahrat Noth
Commanding Officer

Adren Bahrat Noth is a Nausicaan Starfleet officer, holding the rank of Fleet Captain. He has spent much of the last couple decades dealing with issues concerning the Delta Quadrant. Bahrat has spent the bulk of his career serving in Bravo Fleet’s 38th Task Force in various roles. After the events of The Battle of The Round Table, he was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Equinox. After his crews successful pass through the Ghemawat wormhole, Epatha Gateway and discovered the Gradin Belt, he was promptly promoted to Fleet Captain. With this promotion followed new responsibility.

Played by Bahrat Noth

Commander Alenna Jensen
Executive Officer

Alenna (Lenna) Jensen has been around and while she was attached to diplomacy but her priority was always as a special aide at the highest of levels. She was pulled off normal duties to assist first with Rear Admiral Diego Macedo after they created Helios Colony.

After her stepped down and Lt General Jagged Anderson was brought in he kept her there to assist with whatever was needed since he wasn't really a person who could just talk to anyone. He was a Marine and that's what they needed in the tumultuous times after the Borg attack.

She had thought that would be her last post would be Helios Station. However they had a special job that the Commander had to do. She was asked to go and become the XO of the USS Equinox. She didn't know what to expect and still doesn't.

Played by Zyrell

Lieutenant Commander Luke Lockwood
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Luke Lockwood, Ph.D., is the former Chief Science Officer of the USS Equinox. An endowed chair in astrophysics at the Daystrom Institute and a member of the Federation Science Council, he was unexpectedly stranded in the Delta Quadrant when the Borg attacked Starbase 900, where he'd been giving a Master Class on superluminal transit. Now, the professor turned refugee has reluctantly accepted a commission with Task Force 38 searching for new ways to communicate with or return home.

Played by JonM

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Crewman Recruit R'Vex
Science Officer

Pointed ears, green tinted skin, his hair slightly longer than a normal Romulan's, no visible scars, his body is toned, he wears a tattoo of his house on his right upper arm, he has two brow ridges forming a "V" on his forehead

Played by Rvex

Ensign Andromeda Lightfeather
Secuirty Officer

Played by Andromeda Lightfeather

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Marine Detachment Commander