Palais de la Concorde

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At the heart of the Federation lies the passion of its people.

What does it take to run the Federation?

Who are the people who lead this galaxy and shape its future?

How do we respond when warfare and dangers are constantly abound in this ever-changing universe?

Newly elected Federation President Jarul Bezar has begun her first year as head of the largest inter-planetary coalition within the galaxy. The tribulations of the past continue to clash with the challengers of the present, and it is up to the Palais de la Concorde to safely navigate the government into a prosperous future. Within the upper levels of the government office, the Chief of Staff helps to calm and focus the storm of activity that perpetuates around the Office of the President. In the Communications hub, the Director plots a cohesive narrative with the Press Secretary and Speech Writer, while personal secretaries and admin staff ensures Bezar  keeps on to that all-important schedule. The President is also guided by her Special Advisors and Attorney General, for their wisdom and respected opinions.

At the controls of the Federation machinery, the Cabinet directs the organisation between war and peace. The Secretary of Defence works closely with her Starfleet counterparts, as well as liaisons from Federation Security and Intelligence, to ensure the sovereignty of the Federation is well-protected and defended. The Secretary of the Exterior provides the ample prowess of the Federation’s diplomatic abilities, helping to promote the values and humanitarianism that is still needed within the galaxy, and putting words before phasers.

Meanwhile, the many species and planetary representatives that make up the Federation itself gather in the Council – to debate, negotiate, and work together to keep their legislative agenda moving. This is where principles meets politics, where ambitions meets reality, and wishes meets compromise. It is a difficult tight-rope walk when you have hundreds of Federation members all with their own backgrounds, perspectives, and goals. But they must convene together, under the President’s guidance, to fulfil their commitment to the people they represent.

“Never Doubt That A Small Group Of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change The Universe”


Civilian Magnus Temple
Secretary of the Exterior and Federation Secretary of Exterior

A friendly, charming, and affable man to most that meet him, Magnus is quietly distinguished, intelligent, and thoughtful. He is a career diplomat; a master of the small-talk and finding the right thing to say. He fancies himself an expert listener, too, and will always try to find a bridge to build with those he comes across. Whatever casual calm he may employ, however, doesn't exclude Magnus from being deeply ambitious and career-minded. He has had a consistent goal to progress his position within the Diplomatic Corp, and now the Federation Government itself.

As the new Secretary of the Exterior, he is hoping to be seen as someone who effects actual change, makes real progress on fixing the Federation's problems, and reaching out across the aisle in the name of the greater good.

Played by Temple

Civilian Vritika Chakrabarti
Secretary of Defense and Federation Secretary of Defense

“Secretary Chakrabarti, I take it my staff has informed you about your impending nomination. I know you are probably surprised; however, we need someone with experience in that department and we determined Secretary West was definitely partly to blame for the current situation,” the President said calmly despite the flurry of activity just beyond her shoulders.

“I appreciate your faith, Madame President; however, at the end of the day, I support Secretary West. I am just as much a part of this department as he,” Vritika said.

“Nonsense,” the President interrupted. “I appreciate your loyalty, yet I’ve read the notes from staff members. You and I both know that you disagreed with Secretary West. He’s out, you’re in.”

Played by beeman

Civilian P’Niia
Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor

Standing straight with her tail swinging around, P’Niia is a joyful woman that enjoys life and is in most situations very calm. When she is stressed her tail gets bigger and her claws might uncontrollably jump out. P’Niia has a vast and long experience in Security and Tactical situations and socially she is a strong talker. People will notice quickly that talking out of experience or trying to use their vast experience against P’Niia will be shot down and she will make her position clear

Played by BlackWolf

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Starfleet Advisor

Played by pathofwrath

Civilian James Nickles
Chief of Staff

Played by Moss

Open Positions

  1. Deputy Chief of Staff
  2. Communications Director
  3. Federation Intelligence Advisor
  4. Federation Council Advisor
  5. Attorney General
  6. Secretary of the Interior
  7. Secretary of Trade
  8. Secretary of Transport
  9. Majority Leader of the Council
  10. Deputy Speaker of the Council