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Borderland: territory at or near a border, fringe, a vague intermediate state or region. Words too true when it comes to the area of space between Primary Federation worlds and the Klingon border has been known as the Borderlands. Whilst the area is dotted with Federation worlds, it is the other worlds which make the majority of the area that define its status. Neutrality or non aligned to any party. The price of individuality and non conformity lead to an area considered almost primitive in Federation eyes. Worlds driven to famine via drugs and crime…worlds ruled from above by decadent Orion Syndicate overlords…neutral system with corrupt governments and self governed military’s…and of course the frontier worlds…

In the past two-hundred years Starfleet has had trouble creating order within the region, much less a sense of peace. With the recent changes in the command echelons, those in overall charge of the region started looking outside the box as they saw the rising need to attempt yet again to bring a semblance of order and stability to the Borderlands and another pair of eyes to the Klingon border. It was time to let a cowboy deal with cowboys.

Jack Lashmore a native of a former Orion Syndicate run world Driaan V, now a member of the United Federation Of Planets, is reactivated out of retirement to take on this daunting task.

The USS Southern Cross will be charged with patrolling the borderland and the nearby Klingon Border…a volatile position…between pirates and a warrior culture at civil war…

Equally the Commanding Officer is happy to deal with any and all inquiries.



Captain Jack Lashmore
Commanding Officer

Of fair height and build Jack's presence is often amplified by his casual air in appearance and general mood. Blue eyes, medium length hair, a trimmed beard usually complimented with an often ever-present soft smirk. A man with a definite swagger of his own.
Though this has an opposite, from the casual and approachable to the angry and reproachful, when Jack falls to the depressions of his past - such times ever a dark aura could be felt about him.

Played by Sirius39

Lieutenant Commander Alexander Night
Executive Officer

Alex is very much aware of his appearance, and is not afraid to use it to his pleasure or advantage (though the would take care, if at all possible for the other persons not to be harmed in the process). He's of a generally friendly disposition, always ready to flash a smile one's way, though as often as it is genuine, so often it is faked, though he has perfected the 'faking' skill over the years so only a few can tell when he's putting on a face.

As he is an orphan, Alex very streetwise and and adaptable, and very aware of both his strengths and weaknesses. Being a man without a family, he's quite happy actually, knowing he can do the job he loves, which in this case is going 'above and beyond' the call of duty, for his beloved Federation of planets.

Played by Kos

Lieutenant Qen'aq
Chief Tactical & Security Officer

Former KDF officer serving as Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Southern Cross.

Played by Stephen

Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Miller
Chief Engineering Officer

Rodney isn't the easiest person to get along with, he can be try the temperament of even the most patient, he also has a complex in which he is convinced he's one of the smartest in his field even if he's never been picked to head a major design.

His ability to work with what he's been given is though brilliant also comes with a problem, he comes access as person who might makes his deeds seem like tasks of such great skill and effort, sometimes they are other times... not so much.

A Civilian he feels he can do anything the fleeters can, in some ways better however now he has a chance to finally find out.

Played by Anderson

Lieutenant Torrna Maliya MD
Chief Medical Officer

A brilliant physician, specialised in combat medicine, general surgery and virology. She posesses vast medical knowledge that supplant her specialization knowledge, and she isn't afraid to let it show. On the other hand, the Hipocratic Oath, the Nightingale Pledge and the rest are often ignored or thrown aside when it comes to Maliya, as she calls herself the healer of the body, the counselors she considers the healers of the mind. She's got a sarcastic sense of humor and approach to life, and will mince no words when she has an opinion, and considers herself the higher authority when it comes to things medical, so orders from superior officers will often go disobeyed.

Played by Kos

Lieutenant Kylara Jax

Played by Kaichi

Lieutenant Junior Grade Asami Inoue
Chief Science Officer

Played by Kaichi

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Ensign Kibi Hren
Security Officer

Kibi can be defined by three words: guns, guns and guns. She loves them. While originally a refugee from Cardassia Prime following the final battle of the Dominion War, Kibi has embraced her father's love of the Federation and its ideals, even while hiding from her mother, a veteran Gul of the Cardassian military. Kibi is a bright and bubbly young ensign at the start of her journey, and much like countless other young Starfleet ensigns, it is a journey she looks forward to eagerly. Kibi's first assignment is to the USS Southern Cross, a Ronin-class starship, and she has taken to her new home with unabashed eagerness...although admittedly, part of that eagerness is in blowing stuff up for the Federation. Lots of stuff.

Played by Griff

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Ensign Osso Voir
Science Officer

Ensign Osso Voir, Starfleet Science Officer and Quantum Astrophysicist, is a joined Trill just beginning her career in Starfleet. Osso is slim, lean, and somewhat petite, but she’s strong. Her hair is kept short, and has a boyish look about her. She is laid back as far as intellectuals go. She thinks research is fun, and sometimes her head gets stuck in theoretical la la land. This means she can overlook the obvious, and that she’d go stir crazy without access to a lab.

She wants to make major discoveries in the realm of Polaron-related technologies, and is motivated to develop defensive solutions to strengthen Starfleet’s position in the aftermath of the Dominion War and in the face of advances in Romulan cloaking.

Played by jademagpie

Open Positions

  1. Chief Intelligence Officer
  2. Chief Flight Control Officer
  3. Chief Strategic Operations Officer