New Bajor

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For decades the Gamma Quadrant has been subject to conflict. Whether it was from forces foreign or domestic, the Starfleet presence has always been one foot in the grave. All this is changing, with exploration once again at the forefront of Starfleet’s thoughts and expansion authorized. Old enemies are turning into new friends and other enemies weakened to the point of being harmless. Starfleet can once again continue on its mission to go where no person has gone before and discover the undiscovered.

The Gamma Quadrant is wide open but not all discoveries may be equally friendly. What will we find? How will we deal with demons of the past? How will we maintain order in a chaotic quadrant? You can help us discover relevant answers to all these valid questions by enlisting with us today.

Deep Space 11 is the collective name of a series of facilities on and in orbit of New Bajor as well as inside the system. These include Gamma Command (formally known as The Compound) as the Starfleet command facilities on the surface, Deep Space 11 to defend New Bajor and serve as the orbital command segment of Task Force 9 and the Ha’dara Fleet Yards which together with the Idran Fleet Yards are the primary production facilities of starships in the Gamma Quadrant.


Admiral Lauren Archer
Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Lauren A. Archer is the current Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9, before this assignment she served as Assistant Director of Starfleet Intelligence and Head of the Special Operations Bureau.

Played by Alexander

Open Positions

  1. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Counselor
  4. Strategic Operations Officer
  5. Chief Diplomatic Officer