Deep Space 11

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The Gamma Quadrant.

Once ruthlessly dominated for a millennia by the Dominion, is now, for the time being, at peace. It has now been thirteen years since the end of the Dominion War, which resulted in the loss of millions of lives and served to break the Dominion’s tight hold on the area. The Treaty of Bajor became a lighthouse in a storm that both the Federation and the Dominion were stuck in. It signified an end to a brutal and unforgiving war, and the beginning of peace between quadrants.

Starfleet’s presence in the Gamma Quadrant, initially limited to New Bajor, is slowly growing. With the expansion of New Bajor to include a Regulus class Starbase in orbit, they now help coordinate the ever growing number of Starfleet assets in the area and provide a hub for Starfleet’s activity in the Gamma Quadrant.

There are more clouds on the horizon. There is a darkness is coming that will shake Task Force 9 and the Gamma Quadrant to its very core.

There are rumors that we are corrupt…
There are rumors that we have lost control of the Wormhole…
There are rumors that Task Force 9 can not be trusted…

Deep Space 11 is a combination of various facilities. It includes the Regulus Class Starbase above New Bajor(Gamma Command) and the planetary facility(The Compound) as well as New Bajor itself. Together they serve as the headquarters of Task Force 9 and all its assets.


Vice Admiral Lauren Archer
Task Force Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Lauren A. Archer is the current Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9, before this assignment she served as Assistant Director of Starfleet Intelligence and Head of the Special Operations Bureau.

Played by Alexander

Rear Admiral James Ryan
Task Force Executive Officer

A long time servant of Task Force 21, in mid 2384, Rear Admiral James Ryan was Task Force Commander of the 4th Fleet's Task Force 17. After a short stint in office, Admiral Ryan decided to transfer back to Earth and served as the Adjutant of the Starfleet Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. Admiral Ryan's past commands include the USS Miranda, Starbase 565 and the USS Prometheus. He now holds the office of Task Force Executive Officer for the 4th Fleet's Task Force 9, from their Headquarters on Deep Space 11.

Played by Kai1701E