USS Scorpio

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It is the year 2389 and the Gamma Quadrant has changed fundamentally. With old enemies becoming friends and violent opposition to the Federation presence pacified a new era of exploration is upon us. Trade has never been as high and more and more settlers cross the wormhole to create new lives in the Gamma Quadrant. However as the Federation discovers more and more about this mostly unknown quadrant it is not only good they find. An ancient threat lies in wait.

Are you an explorer? Are you a warrior? The time to shine is now, in these times all can become legends.


Captain Audrid Kane
Commanding Officer

Captain Audrid Kane is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Scorpio, before this assignment she served as the Executive Officer of Deep Space 11.

Played by Alexander

Commander Sam Aubrey
Executive Officer

Intense and very focused. Sam loves conflict, and sometimes goes out of his way to incite an argument or a fight. Very skilled at multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat, he has never been seriously injured in a bar fight, though he has sent more than his share of people to the infirmary. He has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. He loves the good life, loves to drink, and loves the company of women. Often betrayed while living on the colony of New Glasgow, he does not trust easily, and can betray someone he does not trust. Though once his trust and friendship has been earned, he will remain a loyal friend to the end.

Played by SamAubrey

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Winthorpe
Chief Strategic Operations/Intelligence Officer

Played by Tacamo45

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Charlie McCullen
Chief Flight Control Officer

Christopher McCullen was born into Starfleet. His parents serve, his grandparents served, his great grandparents were among the first to serve. There was little doubt that both he and his two siblings would sign up. By the age of twelve, he was annoying his captain by taking turns, supervised of course, at helm. By the age of fifteen, he was a cadet-ensign serving part time on alpha shift.

Ensign McCullen graduated from Starfleet academy after only two years, having completed much of the coursework and testing aboard ship. At age 18, he was assigned to the USS Xavier, a Miranda class cruiser. He served there for a few years before moving to the USS Grumman, where he served with distinction. Now, he has been promoted to Junior Lieutenant and assigned as the CFO of the USS Scorpio.

Played by Brainfishes

Lieutenant Commander Hattie Callander
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

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Played by Annabel

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Major Wolfgang Kolberg
Company Commander

Played by Archnagel

Lieutenant Commander Leland Rogers
Commander, Air Group

Played by Christopher Blake

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Counselor
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. Chief Operations Officer
  5. Starfighter Wing Pilot