USS Beacon

The is the unofficial flag vessel of Task Force 64, although in the 23rd century she is one of many ships out there in 2295 with the task of investigating diplomatic issues, incursions into Federation space, and assisting as needed. Vice Admiral Ovik takes this cruiser out on behalf of the admiralty of this era with the hopes of showing others the strength and resolve of the Federation as well as bring peace to the area when needed.


Vice Admiral Ovik
Commanding Officer

Ovik is a smaller Vulcan in stature, but he nevertheless holds great respect by his very nature and stance. He is cool, calm, reserved, and it shows on the outside. He is fairly fit, although it is not overly noticeable. He carries with his stride a sense of pride without arrogance and a serious tone without being overly rigid.

Played by Chris

Open Positions

  1. Chief Operations Officer
  2. Chief Security / Tactical Officer