USS Endeavour

‘Are any of you familiar with the Gavarian Corridor?’ Only a smattering of nods answered this, none of them with much conviction. ‘There’s a colony world out there, Pergamon IV. It’s been settled in some way since the Federation entered the Corridor eight years ago, but there was a renewal of the settlement with the Exploration Agreement last year. Alongside a Cardassian settlement on the same planet.’

Locke clicked his tongue. ‘That sounds like a terrible idea.’

‘I’d agree, but pie-in-the-sky diplomats had some fairy tale about everyone getting together on one world,’ said Captain Tau. ‘So the inevitable has happened. Something’s gone wrong, the colonists are at each other’s throats, and the Cardassian Union is sending in a task group to assuage their citizens’ concerns.’

‘And we’re being sent in,’ Locke finished, ‘to assuage our citizens’ concerns, namely now that they have a flotilla of Keldon-class cruisers in their front yard?’

‘What went wrong?’ Rhade asked brusquely.

‘There were Cardassians,’ Locke mused. ‘That’s a good start.’

‘Quite. But specifically? Some colonists have gone missing. Young people. The Pergamon settlers think their Cardassian neighbours have something to do with it.’

Sadek frowned. ‘Why on Earth would Cardassian colonists attack or hurt young neighbours?’

‘What’s actually happened is important,’ agreed Tau. ‘But what’s also important is what our colonists think has happened. It’s in Starfleet’s best interests to both keep an oar in the Corridor, and to keep the peace out there. So that’s why we’re being sent.’

‘Appease the colonists, both with a show of force and by giving them the help they need,’ Gorim rumbled. ‘And send the Cardassians packing if they try to exploit this disruption for their own gain.’


Within the grasp of three of the galaxy’s greatest powers lies the Gavarian Corridor.

Stretching from the furthest borders of the United Federation of Planets to divide the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire, this reach of space stands independent of any of them. Each has vied for supremacy over the past decade, seeking to exploit the region for resources, scientific curiosity, or strategic dominance. Each has been rebuked in that time, defeated by rivals or the hardships of the Corridor itself.

A year ago, Starfleet was driven from the Corridor by politics and more pressing demands upon its forces. Now the Federation has returned; not only with starships and officers, but civilians, colonists. Under the new Gavarian Exploration Agreement, a smattering of worlds are being settled, humanity turning to the Corridor to indulge its most driving instinct: to explore the galaxy. To embrace the stars.

No colony is more contentious than Pergamon, a planet settled under audacious circumstances. Seeking to forge a peaceful coexistence in the Corridor, the world has been shared between citizens both Federation and Cardassian. Colonial planners insist Pergamon is big enough for everyone, that good neighbours will bring good peace, but Starfleet remains apprehension.

In the spirit of cooperation has Pergamon been settled. In the spirit of caution has Starfleet sent the USS Endeavour. Once she could boast to be one of the fleet’s most advanced, but technology marches on; still, the Galaxy-class is a formidable commitment to bring to the Gavarian Corridor. It is her duty to see the colony of Pergamon flourish. To see Federation interests in the Gavarian Corridor are protected. To fulfill Starfleet’s mission of exploring these strange new worlds on the frontier.

To keep a peace so it can be forged anew.


The Endeavour is a solo-written fiction focusing on the politics between the Cardassian Union and the Federation in the Gavarian Corridor. While the Corridor is a relatively unimportant stretch of space on a galactic level, it provides a snapshot of interstellar relations on the edge of civilised space. Far from the eyes of the rest of the galaxy, far from superiors or diplomats to give orders or smooth over problems, decisions must be made by characters in the here and now which may have ramifications for themselves and the region.

Focusing on the crisis surrounding the politics of the Pergamon IV Colony, Endeavour seeks to tell a complete story of a specific event and its impact upon the Gavarian Corridor to further the Bravo Fleet canon of the region


Captain Ibrahim Tau
Commanding Officer

A well-decorated officer, Captain Tau is part of the new breed of commander who emerged in the shadows of the Dominion War. A hawkish and hard-nosed leader, he is more likely to secure Federation interests with gunboat diplomacy and firebrand conviction, and has been given assignments to reflect these talents. While this makes him incurious as a Starfleet captain, he has shaped himself as protector rather than explorer, and is uncompromising in ensuring the Federation's strength and principles are upheld.

Played by LadyBlue


The Gauntlet
started August 15, 2019

Freshly victorious from the war front with the Gorn, the USS Endeavour's crew are denied their long-awaited shore leave with new orders from Starfleet Command: to head with all haste to the Gavarian Corridor. The disappearance of Federation colonists has stoked tensions with the Cardassian Union, bringing local forces and settlers to the brink of conflict. The Endeavour is charged with finding the truth - and keeping the peace.