The Reliquary

The Reliquary is a massive, ancient alien station, orders of magnitude bigger and older than any other installation that has been observed.

Built aeons ago by a race only known as “The Builders,” its purpose was to ostensibly document and keep track of life growing in the Gamma Quadrant.

With its database having been recently downloaded, what mysteries of the Quadrant will its secrets unveil?


Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone
Commander - Reliquary Science & Engineering Initiative

Amanda is of average height for a human woman. Her soft brown hair falls down slightly past her shoulders to her ribs. She carries herself with a somewhat detached air: Not because she is aloof, but because she frequently has a lot on her mind. Her green eyes are typically focused on something just beyond or behind the person she's talking to or the monitor she's working on.

Amanda's style of command can best be called "relaxed." She does not take herself too seriously, and prefers to surround herself with officers and crew of the same caliber. She is confident in her abilities as a command line officer, and it shows in the way she converses with her crew.

Played by QuodEroSpero

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Commodore Camilla Dougherty
Task Force Executive Officer

Camilla Dougherty is a driven woman. She finds pleasure in working towards goals and completing assignments.

Played by Nate