Welcome to the twenty-second century! The third ship to be launched by Earth with a warp five engine, the Challenger has been sent out to its own mark in history. The crew will come together on the eve of the most devastating conflict to hit the human race, the fight for Earth’s survival has begun!


Captain Lloyd Burton
Commanding Officer

Captain Lloyd Burton, BS is a Starfleet officer and the current Commanding Officer of the starship Challenger (NX-03). Lloyd has gained his experiences through determination and pure professionalism. He is deemed one of Starfleet’s gifted tacticians.

Played by MJ


While The Iron Is Hot
started January 25, 2155 and ended February 16, 2155

The loss of a captain and a science officer, places the launch of the Challenger in jeopardy as well as a critical mission. That said, Starfleet Command (believing they have no alternative) promote the ship's first officer and gives him a brand new crew to lead out into the unknown. Captain Lloyd Burton will join the likes of Captains Archer and Hernandez in placing humanity's place on the galactic stage!