USS August

The USS August, returning from the mothballs so to speak, is a Rhode Island-class escort or frigate designed for escort, diplomatic, and patrol missions. She is uniquely outfitted for less scientific purposes like her predecessor, the Nova-class.

The August will be operating out of the Gamma Quadrant in Task Force 9, assigned for missions pertaining to her capabilities above. She is not big, but she can pack a punch and she’s fast. So she can hold her own.

The question is – why would you join up and submit your transfer orders? The answer is simple. Come join a great crew, an experienced command team, and a fresh adventure on the edge of Federation space in the Gamma Quadrant. There is plenty to be explored and plenty of official business to get done.


Commodore Caymen Greener
Commanding Officer

Very stable and dedicated to Starfleet, Caymen seemed to have been born to lead. It came naturally to him as a young lad, and has prevailed throughout his career.

As the years pass by, Caymen seems to gain the respect of peers and enemies alike. His undying passion for peace and non-chaos drives him like nothing else.

Caymen speaks in a gruff tone, mostly due to age at this point. He was always a very direct and deliberate person, confident in his own decisions and in following orders, even if they happened seconds before he spoke or acted. But he is formal in most discussions, and yet doesn’t beat around the bush. Even in his diplomatic roles he was always straight forward and sometimes blunt. But that attitude has served him well.

Played by Chris

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Lieutenant Commander Bree Buckley
Executive Officer

Played by Nate

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Chief Science Officer
  6. Chief Counselor


She's Back
started August 2, 2019

The crew is assigned and board the August at Deep Space 11, dinner is held and check-ins complete, and then the August goes on a small shake-down through the wormhole and back.