New Lakarian City


Ambassador Alyssa Fleming
Ambassador to the Cardassian Union

Ambassador-at-Large Alyssa Fleming (age 55, born January 12, 2334) is a refined and experienced diplomat, with distinguished service in both Starfleet and the United Federation of Planter Diplomatic Corps. She commanded the USS Phoenix during the Dominion War, fighting in the Battle of Cardassia. When the war ended, Harper joined Starfleet Command, where she earned the final rank of Rear Admiral serving as Deputy Chief of Starfleet Tactical. On February 1st, 2389, the President of the United Federation of Planets designated Fleming an Ambassador-at-Large and assigned her to the Cardassian Union. She currently lives in Larkarian City with her husband and two sons.

Played by Emily

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Commander Qiana Kazadi
Chief of Embassy Security

Played by markson.corey

Rakena Kejaad
Detapa Council Member

Rakena is a member of the Detapa Council

Played by Nate

Civilian Soit Emla
Cardassian Civilian

Soit Emla is the illegitimate child of the deceased Legate Nex Emla, formerly of the Cardassian Fifth Order. He lives on the streets of the old quarter of Lakarian City.

Played by KyleB