USS Wakizashi

The premise of the game is that the players will create three characters for three different sub-games within the main game. This sounds complicated, so here’s the explanation.

The game itself will focus around the Dominion War from just prior to the outbreak of the War all the way through to the Fall of Cardassia.

Within that overall framework, players will create characters to explore all the major military facets of the war.

Facet 1 will deal with the main Fleet itself. This will focus around the Saber-Class Starship USS Wakizashi, the flagship of the game and what the game’s public face is. Going through the War from the perspective of a smaller ship will be more interesting rather than looking at it from the perspective of one of the larger, more combat capable, ships. So, the players will create an appropriate Fleet Character.

Facet 2 will deal with Starfighter Command within the greater Starfleet Organization. This will focus around 7th Fighter Squadron, colloquially dubbed “L’san’s Lions”. Since we know Fighters were used in various engagements during the War, this is clearly something that can be explored and provides a different look at things. So, the players will need to create a pilot and/or squadron support character.

Facet 3 will deal with the Marine Command. This will focus around a Special Operations/Recon Unit, Bravo Platoon of the Second Company of the First Marine Expeditionary Unit. They’ll cover primarily small scale, Special Operations types of missions. Intel gathering, assassination, and so on. This will provide a ground war look at and exploration of the Dominion War, a different kind of feel.

Each mission/story will run all three facets at the same time. There’s no need to worry about burnout, the game will move at a sedate pace. People all have private lives after all. A Discord will be created, and the PM system will be used, in order to keep track of players and avoid potential player burnout. Sometimes, groups from the various facets will cross paths. The Wakizashi may handle an insertion or exfiltration for the Marines from time to time. L’san’s Lions may be called on for close support of the Marines. The Marines might be used to rescue captured pilots. They all might run into each other on shore leave. So on and so forth.

This game, therefore, will give players the chance to fully explore the Dominion War from start to finish.


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Lieutenant Commander J'orrn T'ssarra
Commanding Officer - USS Wakizashi

J'orrn's parents were career Starfleet, communications and engineering. They fought in the first Federation-Cardassian War, his father serving on the USS Rutledge under Benjamin Maxwell. For J'orrn there was only one possible career path, Starfleet though he bucked the trend of his parents by opting into the Command Program. As a young Ensign, fresh from the Academy, J'orrn was present at Wolf 359 where he earned a small citation for bravery and leadership under fire. The young officer continued to distinguish himself in leadership roles on smaller ships, seeking out such postings deliberately in order to move more rapidly up the command ladder until he received his first command as a newly minted Lieutenant Commander in the lead-up to the Dominion War, the USS Wakizashi.

Played by Mack

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Major L'san R'pas
Commanding Officer - 7th Fighter Squadron

Played by Mack

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Captain T'rralln M'cish
Commanding Officer - Bravo Platoon

Played by Mack

Open Positions

  1. Second Officer
  2. Chief Shuttle / Runabout Pilot
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. Chief Intelligence Officer
  5. Marine
  6. Starfighter Wing Pilot
  7. Physician’s Mate