Deep Space 12


Vice Admiral Thas Viran
Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Viran is a seasoned Starfleet officer and captain. He served much of his early career as a science officer in several specialized teams all throughout Federation space helping to add in the discoveries of many different fields of science.

Played by teylasramar

Commander Li Ling Meifeng
Executive Officer

LSN officer, fighter ace and experienced starship pilot. Earned commendations in the Eighth Breen War. A daughter of a lesser branch of the most prominent family in the Republic, and her parents very much wish she would marry.

Played by Tia

Lieutenant Commander Katal Sarrick
Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Commander Sarrick is an experienced strategic and intelligence analyst and officer. After a rocky start to her career laden with a spotty disciplinary record, the Dominion War reportedly filed off these rough edges. Since then she has served in a variety of roles, but in most of them has taken some degree of responsibility for strategic and intelligence concerns for entire sectors, projects, or task forces. Her brusque and no-nonsense manner has held her in good stead through her work, though has made her as many enemies through her personal manner as it has made her allies through her success – across multiple borders.

Played by LadyBlue

Lieutenant Commander Marian Downe
Chief of Operations

Played by Browsden

Lieutenant Commander Lucas Rider
Chief of Security

Lucas Rider is a highly experienced Starfleet officer and the current Chief Security Officer of Deep Space 12. An experienced officer and a veteran of the Dominion War, since the end of the it he has served on over twenty different assignments, all with distinction and valour. He is known for his fair and strong leadership and high level of skill in managing large security detachments. He has also worked for Starfleet Intelligence on a range of covert operations.

Played by MJ

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Ensign Yinau Rilum

Played by keegan707

Ensign Mike Saxton
Engineering Officer

Mike Saxton is a tall Human and muscular for a man his age. His hair short and well groomed, Wide shoulders and a smaller waist make him look even taller. Mike has striking soft Grey eyes which most will observe first. His face a darker shade due to years in the field, and his Native American heritage. A long thin hawk like nose. Saxton has a very confident gait and possesses excellent formal posture.

Played by John Falkenburg