Starbase Bravo


Captain William Jones
Commanding Officer

Played by CaptainD

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Admiral Bradley J. Harrison
Task Force Administrator

Bradley has been described to some officers as a modern-day Will Riker. He is quick-witted, innovative, smooth, passionate and absolutely fearless, but took a command very early in his career. A ladies man in his youth, he has settled down but refused to have children at the time being. Bradley will do anything to win, mainly because he hates to lose. Bradley relies heavily on the crew around him; he is an excellent team player. Bradley threw “the book” out years ago, but still knows what is expected of him. He isn’t afraid to put it all on the line if he believes he’s got a good hand. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always have the better hand and as a result, puts the people around him in danger. Once his mind is made up, there’s no convincing him otherwise.

Played by The Captain