USS Hiryu


Commander Thov th'Zeles
Commanding Officer

A round face sits atop an equally rotund body. Light piercing eyes seem to stare through anything they peer at. His smile is warm but calculating. His voice and expressions are jovial. There's an intelligence in his many gazes.

He walks quickly, sometimes looking over his shoulders. Wrinkles and laugh lines showcase a lifetime of laughter and good spirits.

General Overview:
Thov th'Zeles is the type of person who smiles with calculating eyes. He sizes up every person and situation he sees. His personality comes off warm, though he still feels distant. One feels as if they can only get so close to the jovial Andorian.

He has spent many years on a starship. It feels as if he's seen it all. Starfleet and the Federation carried on without him. Thov still felt he could be useful.

Played by BolianCO

Lieutenant Commander Cousland
Executive Officer

Assigned to USS.Hiryu as XO rank Lt.Commander

Played by phoenix

No Image Available

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Willams
Chief Tactical Officer

Played by ColHurd