USS Independence

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The year is 2389. The United Federation of Planets stands at a crossroads.

New enemies arise as the Gorn Hegemony stirs, past grievances nursed into blossoming aggression. Old friends have turned foe, the Klingon Empire consumed by the turmoil of civil war with the splinter faction known as the Sovereignty of Kahless, enemies of the Federation and High Council alike. Even home is no longer safe, internal factions discontent and threatening dissent and uprising.

Few places feel this tension worse than the Klingon-Federation border, where Starfleet ships struggle to tell ally from enemy in an ongoing battle for piece. Into this crucible has been sent the USS Independence, charged with reaching out the hand of friendship where it will be received, soothing dissent where it will be found, and responding with force where it will be needed.

But uncertain loyalties, changing desires, and conflicting interests are not only challenges faced on the Independence’s adventures. They go deeper – to the crew themselves.

The USS Independence is a Bravo Fleet fiction.


Lieutenant Commander Matt Rourke
Commanding Officer

Once a rising star of an officer, valedictorian of his class and expected to be on a fast-track to command, Starfleet's turbulent and war-soaked modern history has changed the course and nature of Matt Rourke's career. A veteran of wars against the Klingons, Dominion, C'hakilians and Gorn, Rourke is a seasoned officer in tactics and strategy, and more accustomed to assertive action than thoughtful deliberation. This has held back his progression to the upper echelons of Starfleet. Only recently, with his last assignment crippled in an ambush by the Gorn upon the outbreak of hostilities, has he been given an opportunity to demonstrate his competence as a commanding officer.

Played by LadyBlue


The Way We Live Now
started April 17, 2019

Returned to Starfleet with his first command, Matt Rourke should have everything he wants. But the Klingon border may prove more than he bargained for. Half of his new crew are more loyal to the mission advisor he never wanted, local colonies would rather be left alone, and the border Task Group is led by an old mentor insulted by his presence. None of this, however, compares to a Klingon House of unknown loyalties, and limitless ambition.