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The Battle of Cheron was a disaster, we lost many comrades and our flagship the Enterprise. We expected our allies to aid us, but they were nowhere to be found. Starfleet had no choice but to surrender and the war was theirs. We had lost the Romulan War .

They took our resources, they restricted our development in warp and weaponry, and they took our military force away from us (MACO’s disbanded). This treaty was a joke and an embarrassment to all humans, but we accepted and the Romulans showed mercy on us.

Now three years have passed. The Romulan Empire has turned its attention to fight the Klingon Empire. This gives Starfleet and United Earth some breathing room.

Breathing room to expand and find new resources. To reignite the old coalition with the Andorians and Tellerites. Find new allies which would be willing to join humanity to push back the Romulan Empire into its own space.


Commander Chris Jacobs
Commanding Officer

"Jacobs? The man is stubborn, never listens to a piece of advice that is given to him and always does what his mind is set on. But all in all, I would gladly serve next to or even under him again. The man showed loyalty, driven motivation and can make demanding choices when the time is against him. Chris is a fine man to have in service of Starfleet, that I am sure off" ~ Captain Eliah Raskin

Played by BlackWolf

Lieutenant Commander Chloe Vincent
Chief Science Officer

Played by Rach H

Lieutenant Junior Grade Fiona Guinness
Chief Armory Officer

Fiona still considers herself a soldier. The fact they she the MACOS were forcibly disbanded and that she had to join an exploratory force weighs on her. While she is very dedicated to her profession, she can be sensitive to criticism. Guinness prefers to take action. That doesn't mean she lacks discipline or is impulsive. It means she prefers to make things happen before things happen to her.

Guinness is a consummate professional. She constantly studies tactics, keeps up on the latest intelligence, and trains on new doctrines. Fiona can be short on patience. She can also take things personal.

Fiona wants another chance to fight the Romulans. She wants to fight them and win. The specter of defeat, however, still haunts her.

Played by Pennyflower

Open Positions

  1. Chief Flight Control Officer
  2. Chief Engineering Officer