UES Ticonderoga

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Battle of Cheron: Defended

Romulan War: Lost

The Romulans won the war after destroying the Starfleet task force at the Battle of Cheron. Starfleet has no choice but to surrender after most of their forces including the flagship Enterprise was destroyed in the battle.

A treaty was established detailing that Humans could not have a military force (MACO’s disbanded), Starfleet could remain operational but with a controlled amount of ships and for Scientific and Exploration purposes only, unable to develop a warp engine above warp 5, limited amount of weapons research, unlimited use of humans resources, have the authority to stop and search any human ship without cause or reason.

Now, three years have passed. The Romulan Empire has turned its attention to the Klingon Empire. This gives Starfleet and United Earth breathing room.

Breathing room to expand and find new resources. To reignite the old coalition with the Andorians and Tellerites. Find new allies which would be willing to join humanity to push back the Romulan Empire into its own space.


Commander Glenn Walker
Commanding Officer

Played by ClaypoleSteve