USS Ajax

Understaffed, but ready nonetheless, the USS Ajax departs Starbase 611 after a successful refit cycle. With barely enough crew to be considered operational, it will be a difficult beginning to the current rotation, but the Ajax and her crew will carry on in the best traditions of the ship and her name. Unbeknownst to all but Lieutenant Tigan, the Ajax and her crew have been requisitioned by Starfleet Intelligence as a localized, mobile asset in the Raeyan Sector Block and given fully independent status, rather than being administratively tethered to Starbase 611 as a ‘Garrison Vessel’. With so much effort from the Task Force being focused on the region along the Klingon Border due to the ongoing civil war within the empire, Lieutenant Tigan orders the Ajax towards the Romulan Neutral Zone to patrol the area and look out for pirates or smugglers along the border region.


Lieutenant Jason Tigan
Commanding Officer

Played by Fallon

Staff Warrant Officer Q'orvha
Executive Warrant Officer

An albino former pirate captain and mercenary commander who was raised by the warrior-nuns known as the Daughters of Gre'thor and would later serve as "gin'tak" (advisor, guardian, retainer) to the House of Ruq'vha before it's mass discommendation and exile from the Klingon Empire, Q'orvha now serves her rescuers with an oathsworn life-debt; As staff engineering officer with a provisional rank and a close observance from Starfleet Intelligence. She brings an experience and perspective that is radically different from the rest of the Ajax's assigned crew and has the inside track on many of the pirates, smugglers, and ne'er-do-wells that infest the near-lawless frontier worlds.

She does not handle bright lighting well.

Played by ResidualRose

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Vcor'chak
Medical Corpsman

6’3” tall
210lbs muscular
Scars cross his chest and stomach and back from knife fights.

Names he uses: V
He prefers to go by V or Chak.

Played by Zyrell

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Petty Officer 3rd Class Leslie Cummins
Helm/Ops Specialist

Quite and reserved in nature, Leslie was rarely noticed for his personality traits. Leslie prefers to let his work do the talking for him. Keeping people at arms reach, it has been many years since he's allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of others. This has worked to his advantage, allowing him to manipulate caring superiors who are concerned he "just needs a go" into opportunities to challenge himself and succeed.

Played by Vass

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Crewman Naz Jadi
Master at Arms

She may be seen as short compared to some. Her shoulders are petite, but they swing as if they are broad. A strong posture holds her head high with military bearing. The Bajoran woman never seems relaxed.

Defined nose ridges cut into a beautifully angular nose. Soft, fair skin covers the delicate angles of her face. The somewhat aggressive look in her eye can be intimidating, if not also slightly impish.

Jadi enjoys wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts when able. She isn’t overly muscular, but appears fit and flexible. Smirks, grins and laughter are common expressions. There’s an air of sarcasm about her though.

Played by BolianCO

Open Positions

  1. Security Officer
  2. Computer Systems Specialist
  3. Damage Control Specialist
  4. Impulse Systems Specialist
  5. Structural / Environmental Systems Specialist
  6. Intelligence Officer