USS Khonsu

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All we known is still infinitely less
than all that remains unknown.

~ William Harvey

Millions of years ago, powerful civilizations, giants of their time, walked among the stars. Although their footprints have faded with the winds of time, the discovery of the Reliquary has given a glimpse into the distant past and the furthest reaches of the Gamma Quadrant from the time of its creators all the way up until its last monitoring equipment failed mere thousands of years ago.

In response to the discovery of the Reliquary, and in line with Task Force 9’s return to its original mission of exploration and discovery, the USS Khonsu, hosting the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA), has been dispatched to the Gamma Quadrant to track down some of the most extraordinary leads from the Reliquary’s ancient data archives. While out beyond the edge of known space, the USS Khonsu will also extend the hand of friendship to species it encounters through its Gamma Quadrant Mission-at-Large. But as the USS Khonsu explores ancient worlds, makes first contact with new civilizations, and charts out strange stellar phenomena, there’s something waiting in the darkness of the great unknown.

Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity

While Starfleet Research & Development traditionally operates from starbases and outposts within the Federation’s core territories, not all research occurs within a lab. Sometimes, great discoveries lie in the vastness of space, just waiting to be found. This is the domain of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA), a joint operations command comprised of scientists, engineers, analysts and other specialists drawn from Starfleet R&D, Starfleet Intelligence, Starfleet’s research partners, and elsewhere, greenlit in the wake of the discovery of the Reliquary and headed by Admiral Allison Reyes, a former Director of Starfleet R&D.

Gamma Quadrant Diplomatic Mission-at-Large

Typically, the Federation Diplomatic Corps establishes permanent embassies in foreign territories with which the Federation has relations. However, in recognition of the major diplomatic opportunities a deep space mission beyond known space offers, the Federation Diplomatic Corps has established a diplomatic mission-at-large aboard the USS Khonsi with Admiral Allison Reyes serving as it’s chargé d’affaires beyond the Federation’s borders in the Gamma Quadrant.


Captain Gérard Devreux
Commanding Officer

Captain Gérard Devreux is the commanding officer of the Excalibur-class USS Khonsu. With a long career of deep space expeditions and a spirit of exploration that has never wavered, Devreux was a natural choice to command the QSD-capable deep space explorer tasked with following up leads from the Reliquary and serving as the flagship for Admiral Allison Reyes, Gamma Quadrant Ambassador-at-Large and director of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity.

Played by JonM

Admiral Allison Reyes

Admiral Allison Reyes is the current Director of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity and the Chargé d'affaires for the Gamma Mission-at-Large, conducting affairs from aboard the USS Khonsu. Formerly, she served as a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council, as the Starfleet liason to Palais de la Corcorde, as the Bravo Fleet Executive Officer and as Commanding Officer of Faltan Station, among other positions.

Played by JonM

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D.
ASTRA Research Team Lead
ASTRA Gauge Field & Temporal Mechanics Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Ph.D., currently serves a Research Team Lead and a Temporal Mechanics Specialist for the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity aboard the USS Khonsu. A scientist with a deep appreciation for the weird and wacky, he was selected for ASTRA based not on his field aptitude but rather his unique background in theoretical physics, including academic appointments at the Daystrom Institute, the Vulcan Science Academy and the Manheim Research Facility.

Played by JonM

Lieutenant Emilia Balan
Diplomatic Attache
ASTRA Cultural Affairs Analyst

Lieutenant Balan is a diplomatic attache to the Gamma Mission-at-Large hosted aboard the USS Khonsu. Balan is gifted cultural anthropologist who minored in counseling psychology during the Academy. She all but fell into the diplomatic sphere of things by accident while stationed on Outpost 19, a deep space outpost near the Ferengi and Tzenkethi borders, where she became the de facto, and then official, mediator for disputes between neighboring alien species. This led to her transfer to the Diplomatic Corps in 2386, where she has served ever since.

Played by JonM

Senior Chief Petty Officer Ayala Shafir
Intelligence Operator
ASTRA Data Systems Specialist

Senior Chief Shafir is an intelligence operator and data systems specialist attached to the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity aboard the USS Khonsu. A gifted hacker in a former life, she was recruited into Starfleet Intelligence as a field operator for her ability to extract data from any system even under the most high pressure circumstances. The Khonsu represents her transition to mainline Starfleet as she attempts to grow her career beyond intelligence circles.

Played by JonM

Civilian Cadas 2
Diplomatic Envoy (Dominion)

Cadas 2 is a somewhat young, and unassuming Vorta. The second iteration of Cadas, she was cloned very recently, and was instructed to be empathetic, diplomatic, honest, and sincere, while still upholding the Dominion's interest in the quadrant.

Played by QuodEroSpero

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Science Officer
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer
  4. Chief Operations Officer
  5. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  6. Chief Engineering Officer
  7. Chief Communications Officer
  8. Chief Medical Officer
  9. Chief Intelligence Officer
  10. Chief Counselor


Tale of the Eazal
started April 1, 2019

Long after the Reliquary was abandoned, it continued to watch and observe. It witnessed the rise of powers, and their fall. But, when its last monitoring buoys went offline, the tale of two blossoming civilizations within two hundreds light years of the Bajoran wormhole was left incomplete. One would go onto become the Founders of the Dominion, but the other, an expansive and blossoming humanoid civilization with a passion for culture and science all but vanished. What ever happened to them?