Deep Space K-17

Deep Space K-17 is a K class station on the Tzenkethi border, originally built following the Federation’s war with the Coalition as a monitoring post watching Tzenkethi movements. In the decades since the war, the station has fallen into ramshackles due to the isolationist ideals of the Tzenkethi.

Things have changed. The Alrakis Pact is on the rise, with the Tzenkethi on the forefront. Soon things in this quiet forgotten corner of space are going to become quite different.


Captain Etan Kaz
Commanding Officer

Etan is a typical Trill male. Not an overly impressive specimen, but is decently attractive and well built for his physical age.

Played by Nate

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. See Site For Full Listing


The Edge of Misery
started April 23, 2019 and ended May 31, 2019

Meet the crew of K-17, a desolate station on the edge of Tzenkethi space. The crew is made up of Starfleet’s malcontents, places out of sight and out of the Admiralty’s way. They are overworked and under appreciated. No wonder they have chips on their shoulders.