USS America

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Captain Kelly Jean O'Connor

Kelly constantly wants to prove herself to the world. She is super competitive and will constantly strive to outperform herself. She is challenged by her small size and it frustrates her when she's unable to reach or do something on her own. She also has a rather harsh temper. She has a fondness for the newest and latest technology and seeks it and uses it despite (perhaps) the older being more reliable. She will fiercely defend the virtues of the new object/technology.

Played by Amanda Rose

Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey
Executive Officer

Magnus is on the low end of average height for a man in Starfleet, though is very fit, owing to significant time spent in the gym. Previous girlfriends have always said he looked very handsome, especially when wearing the uniform. Off-duty, Magnus is laid back and enjoys spending time with people. He enjoys moving and spending time outdoors, but also loves spending hours in quiet with someone reading or watching something. He does not like being alone.

Played by Taral-DLOS

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Lieutenant Shri Thais
Chief Science Officer

Played by KrisK1226