USS Repulse

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The year is 2261. The galaxy is a dangerous place. Danger lurking behind every nebula. Starfleet has taken heavy losses in recent years.

The destruction of many vessels at Vulcan at the hands of the Romulan, Nero. As well as the destruction of Vulcan itself. This in turn lead to strained relations between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation.

The assassination of many high ranking officers at the hands of Khan Noonien Singh, as well as Admiral Marcus ordering the Enterprise to violate Klingon space causing tensions to rise between the two powers.

Starfleet needed to rebuild and show strength to the other powers in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. If they pushed the Federation, the Federation needed to push back and defend itself. So they increased ship building to fill the void within the fleet.

Captain Elias Walker has been given the privilege to command one of these new ships of the line. The USS Repulse is a Mayflower Class vessel and has been commissioned to patrol the borders of the Federation.

If you think you have what takes to join Starfleet and help defend the Federation from their adversaries, then join the Repulse today!


Captain Elias Walker
Commanding Officer

Played by ClaypoleSteve

Lieutenant Commander Ash Eider
Executive Officer

Played by KrisK1226

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Lieutenant Dr. Trix Peacock
Chief Medical Officer

Played by Rach H

Ensign Fyn Wihone
Chief Helm Officer

The best adjective to describe Fyn’s appearance is “inoffensive.” Fyn is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, though also alien, and an unfamiliar alien to most. Fyn is not an intimidating figure: he’s not that tall and he is slight of build; he smiles too quickly and easily also. The hair is… hard to miss. Fyn has a nest of very curly, easily frizzed black hair which springs and turns of its own volition. The reality is, despite Fyn’s wish to be innocuous, he stands out. The hair, the simple fact that he is a mostly unknown alien species makes him anomalous among Humans. He wishes he didn’t.

The most obvious alien feature Fyn has is the cartilaginous ridge that rises from his nose bridge, bisecting his forehead. The ridge disappears somewhere under that heap of hair and is about

Played by Nirak

Open Positions

  1. Chief Helm Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Science Officer
  4. Chief Engineer
  5. Chief Communications Officer