USS Crazy Horse

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Everyone knows the story. How a murderer and saboteur made it aboard the USS Wanderwell, killed four including the ship’s First Officer and Chief of Security, stole the prototype design for a slipstream drive, and then killed a further 53 crew members while escaping by sabotaging the ship’s pulse cannon.

57 dead.
The ship destroyed.
And all these months later, the crew remained in the Alpha Quadrant.
Waiting. Never even made it out onto patrol.
And the Wanderwell’s Captain? He was found guilty at court martial.
Dereliction of duty.

The USS Crazy Horse, an Onimaru Class Explorer, has been tasked with the job of tracking down the perpetrator and bringing him to justice. Among its crew are the determined survivors of the Wanderwell disaster who join now with others to do what we have been been prevented from doing.

Explore the Delta Quadrant.
New worlds. New friends.
And justice for the fallen.


Captain Ronan Channe
Commanding Officer

Captain Channe commands the USS Crazy Horse. He graduated Starfleet Academy in 2378 with honors and had a dual major (Security/Tactical and Command). He served aboard the USS Wanderwell for eleven years, working his way up from Security Officer to First Officer; when the USS Wanderwell fell to a saboteur, he was given command of the USS Crazy Horse..

Played by Star_Geek

Lieutenant Commander Ba'zra Jennings
Executive Officer

Ba'zra desires to be a more pure Klingon and to restore honor to her name. Since she prefers being thought of as a Klingon and not human, she prefers not
to be referred by her human last name but solely by her Klingon name, Ba'zra. She is a loyal friend and a fierce enemy. However, since her family House
stressed knowledge, she originally believed that her honor restoration would occur through science not battle. However, when she after striking Ensign Gerald Sparks, the scientific community rejected her and she transferred to Security. Ba'zra has not been to Qo'onS since her mother fled. Should she ever return, she would find that she does not fit perfectly in the human world nor Klingon world. Ba'zra is fiercely independent and does not make friends terribly easily.

Played by Amanda Rose

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Lieutenant Shrar th’Dara
Chief of Intelligence

Chief intelligence officer for the USS Crazy Horse

Played by Freelancer2142

Ensign Isabel Robinson
Operations Officer

Isabel a wild and free spirited individual who is not afraid of going after things she wants. She can be very friendly to those she likes. She has a natural Irish spirit and with the heart to match. She has been known to hold a grudge, so its best not to get on bad side.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Cody Barnett
Chief Science Officer

Cody Michael Barnett is a scientist who enjoys jigsaw puzzles. He is brilliant man with a kind heart. He struggles showing his sensitivity. He tends to show more of a dull type personality, as a defense mechanism. He tends to be be a workaholic. He does have a bad habit of trying to avoid away missions, he prefers to work in his science lab. He feels his contributions to Starfleet can best be served working in his lab.

Cody has been to be a little sneaky at times, and avoids confrontation when possible. His former department head worked with him about going out on missions, and seeing what is out their in space. Cody is working to overcome his insecurities and applied for a department level position. He was promoted to Chief Science Officer of the USS Standing Bear.

Played by JL Galloway

Lieutenant Song of Justice
Chief Engineer

Tall, dark, and augmented, Justice doesn't suffer from many of the disfigurations common to most Liberated Borg. His lean physique carries a few artificial parts and pieces, but few of them are externally visible. Justice is a mercurial individual, at one moment solemn and somber, and jovial and happy the next. As a cultural ambassador for Liberated Borg everywhere, he is eager to present himself as not only competent, but friendly and personable as well. If only his eagerness were matched by success. Unlike most ambassadors, Justice refuses to acclimate to his host culture.

Played by wizardbeard

Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Counselor
  3. Chief Diplomatic Officer