ISS Malicious

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The Terran Empire has become more dark and xenophobic than it originally was, with the trust placed in Emperor Spock, when he attempted to reform the Empire into a weak, demilitarized Republic almost lead to the downfall of the Terrans. The Imperial Order of The Emperor waited in the shadows with the rightful heir of the Empire. As the outter worlds started to fall to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, the Order rebelled against Spock, killing him and reinstating the rightful heir to the throne. The now-Emperor knew that the war was going to go hopelessly, the order was only able to keep an handful of the Imperial Starfleet hidden from the Republic and didn’t have the forces to push the joint Klingon and Cardassian fleets.


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Commander James Turner
Commanding Officer

Lord James Sebastian Turner of House Turner, was born in London, UK. tbc

Played by Stefan

Open Positions

  1. Executive Officer
  2. Chief Operations Officer
  3. Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  4. Chief Engineering Officer
  5. Chief Medical Officer
  6. Chief Science Officer
  7. Chief Flight Control Officer
  8. Imperial Intelligence Officer


Episode One: The Sleeping Beast
started March 13, 2019

The ISS Malicious sits docked in the Imperial Shipyard just above Earth, undergoing final checks whilst she awaits her crew.