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In the year 2389, the USS Phoenix under the command of Rear Admiral Terrence “Terry” Mitchell was due for decommissioning.  Given a chance to retire on a high note the Phoenix, while seriously understaffed and ill-equipped, was ordered to the Tasoli Nebula to oversee a Diplomatic conference. Billed as the high point of Admiral Mitchell’s career, the diplomatic conference was to be the last mission for the Diplomatic vessel.  Fate however intervened, and the crew of the Phoenix would never the same.  Not long after entering the Nebula, the Phoenix was sucked into an unstable and unknown wormhole.  The wormhole, full of debris from other ill-fated ships, caused serious damage to the Phoenix and her crew.

Exiting the wormhole, the Phoenix was drifted, without power, and minimal life support; to make matters worse sensor readings showed the Phoenix to be on the far side of the Delta Quadrant.  Realizing that the ship and her crew were being sucked into a nearby colossal M class moon, Mitchell had very little time to react.  With no time to weight his decisions, Mitchell ordered the emergency separation of the saucer and stardrive sections; hoping that the move would allow those in the saucer section to possibly survive a crash landing.  His choice was a difficult one but needed, with the ship as a whole heading toward certain destruction; he chose to give the civilian heavy saucer section a chance at survival by sacrificing those in the non-aerodynamic stardrive section.  With the stardrive section draft in space, the saucer section slowly made it’s way to the planet; however, it’s trip was violent and full of turbulence.

With many having perished in the crash the survivors find themselves under the command of Commander Gregory Alein who was forced to assume leadership after learning of the Admiral’s death.   Stranded, alone, and afraid the crew must learn how to survive on the Tropical home they named Perdita.  Remember… We Are Here!  We Survived! We Are Star Fleet!


Commander Greg Alein
Commanding Officer

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Open Positions

  1. Chief Medical Officer
  2. Chief Security Officer
  3. Chief Engineering Officer
  4. Chief Counselor